Wooden Valentine Gifts (7 Reasons We Love Them)

In every single calendar year, Valentine’s Day is that extra special occasion to lavish your spouse or girlfriend with love. But did you know valentine wood crafts make excellent or even better presents than the usual bling and expensive gadgets? Yes, they do. Here are 7 reasons we love them and why you should buy wooden Valentine gifts for that certain someone.

Wooden Crafts Are Timeless

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach. But If you want that person to forever love you and remember you, forget plastic get them romantic wooden gifts this year. Flowers and chocolate only go so far. Item’s crafted of ageless timber such as processed oak or mahogany can last a lifetime or generations if handled with care.

Craftsman's tools

Superb Craftsmanship For Everybody

In, particular handmade product’s are beautiful and attractive. They produce ideal gifts for all ages, from your loving girlfriend to your niece or grandchild. There are fantastic wooden valentine ideas available for everyone and every taste.

Customizable Even By Yourself

Making a Customized gift is the in thing nowadays. It’s no surprise because a diy valentine gift always show more meaning. Both the gift and giver further cherished by lucky owners. Lots of diy kits from stores for kids to create. Don’t forget the roses and card, if your creative homemade valentines cards get extra points.

clean grain texture

Keep Clean Easier

Things from wood craft easier to care for than those manufactured from other materials. Most times, all that’s needed is just a little water or cleaning rag.

This benefit is of great importance if the recipient is a young child, low-income earners or busy person.

Durable Easy Shipping

If you’re considering personalised gifts for Valentines for your young child or toddler. Searching for something that is durable, and wear-and-tear proof should be your priority, for obvious reasons.

But if your gift idea in question is a large size, getting a product that you can dismantle or knock-down the best choice to save packaging, delivery fees.

These benefits typical of a wooden product, but the same not associated with other materials.

Forest trees

Human, Environment-Friendly

Unlike tech gadgets today that give off radiation, or may be harmful to people with allergies. timber poses no harm and safe for everyone. Besides, they cause no harm to our immediate environment, whenever they’re worn, or used. Wood is a sustainable resource when using on projects.

Red Is The Colour Of Love, Which Will You Choose

Still want Valentines gift ideas that meet these criteria? View our Valentine pens collection for her. Among our red pens, we even have fountains to pen your love letter.

tree sapling

Plant A Tree

This is a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving and growing. If your garden is not big enough, they can plant it through the national forest organization. Planting in an area memorable for both of you and watching it grow is charming.

What kind of tree symbolizes love?

Mighty oak trees with good reason the most adored trees in the world. This is a big tree that symbolizes strength, wisdom, knowledge, nobility and stability.

Apple trees in ancient mythology considered sacred trees and symbolises happiness, love and good health. Associated with Aphrodite’s the goddess of love. The tree of love is the one which all have grown from.

Valentine Day Gifts

What if you’re looking to buy timeless gifts without splurging too much? It’s obvious to go for exceptional ones made of wood based products. There are expensive items out there but engraved wooden presents are affordable and inexpensive usually.

To give your other half nice but adorable gift would thrill them, without having to watch over their backs. A jewellery box or necklaces artisan handmade with exotic woods?

Engraved cufflinks


A pair of wooden cufflinks will complement any well-dressed men. Different coloured woods with settings to suit all tastes. Some even have matching tie pins. The natural colour contrasts perfectly against both gold or silver mountings.

Personalized cufflinks an option with his initials engraved on them.

Walnut and sterling silver

Trinket Dish

Choosing a wooden heart shaped gift tray won’t be a problem online. Lots of different designs to choose and sizes. Good to put loose change and keys when getting home. The wife can use it for small jewellery pieces at bedtime.

Select a wood dish with flocked or natural finish with lettering or love symbols.

Select a wood valentine heart with flocked or natural finish with lettering or romantic symbols.

Wooden Owl Coasters


Used every day a coaster set you both can share as a Valentines Day gift. Natural or laser engraved patterns all will look super on your coffee table. A selection of different art and crafts mat’s also on Etsy personalised or love shaped hearts.

Picture of a couple

Wall Decor

Choose from different options with these ideas for you both to share, personal photo on softwood base. A selection of reclaimed rustic wooden frame sizes from 6 x 4 up to 16 x 12 for a shabby chic look. Two finish options and two ways to hang this, either jute string or keyhole mountings.

Second option a pyrography picture or frame. A pyrography artist can either work from a photograph or choose a sweet message for your own Valentine’s Day gift. A project like this will take time so plan well in advance for personalised work and contact the artist for price.

Wooden Valentine Cheesboard Gift


What better way to finish of a happy meal together than with an excellent wine and cheese? Go all out on both bottle and cheese for it to be memorable. A personalised board for cheese engraved with your message will get lots of use and being decorative.

Valentines day envelop opener gifts

Envelope Openers

Still popular today as ever they were the wooden envelope opener is practical and quirky on the office desk. With either chrome or gold finish to compliment oak or thuya burl you can use on an envelope or packaging.

snow leopard


Loved by many these classic puzzles use irregular shaped laser cut pieces. Unique pictures by Tina’s fine art UK each wooden jigsaw puzzle has a difficulty rating equal to a 500 piece picture. Looking for a present more challenging then pick a 3d design.


Stainless steel and wood rings for wooden valentin gift



Wooden rings with metal cores catch the eye. The metal part has different choices from stainless steel to tungsten. Tested up to 65 lbs like any ring this won’t be suitable for anyone who does heavy work with their hands. An original gift for boyfriend or husband they will love, or what about as a wooden engagement gift?

An amazing choice in pendant hearts, different shapes and styles. Craft pendants from a burl and resin are stunning, you will never see another similar, she will love this on valentines day.

Conway chronograph watch for wooden valentine gifts
Jord Watch

Unique Watch

Classic design Jord wooden watches with street style. 92 individual metal and wooden watch parts with citizen movement means this is a high-quality chronograph. Zebrano timber for a touch of the exotic and perfect gift for valentines.

Personalised engraved message on its backplate an option from the maker. Choose from block or script when placing your order.

Do you have any good valentines day gift intentions? Let me know in the comments.

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