What Is Aromatherapy Jewellery?

What Is Aromatherapy Jewellery?

Aromatherapy jewellery is a decorative, wearable item that includes essential oils. It covers a range of uses for aromatherapy essential oils:

  • Massage for relaxation and health.
  • Inhalation–room diffusers, steam baths and functional jewelry.

You find oils and their nature, well-being properties in:

  • Cosmetics.
  • Perfume.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Room scenting.
  • Medicines.

Essential oils come from the distillation of natural plant material to concentrate volatile compounds in fragrant oil. The essence of the plant fibres produces the aroma. Humans experience fragrance in many beneficial ways:

  • Alleviating symptoms like headaches.
  • Promoting restful sleep.
  • Calmness and relief of stress.
  • Positive mindset.

Humans enjoy fragrance for the benefits and sensory pleasure. This enjoyment results in an industry dedicated to providing you with the smell you love in your home.

Aromatherapy jewellery pendants are not a modern idea–antique examples of wearable scent bottles and boxes are highly collectable. Contemporary aromatherapy jewellery gives you the advantage of a portable, personal fragrance. You carry it with you and doesn’t involve scenting an entire room or applying chemicals to your skin.

What an affordable and good way to feel and benefit from your favorite scent. One or two drops can last all day in essential diffuser pendants.

How Do Diffuser Necklaces Work?

The aromatherapy necklaces provide a space to contain absorbent wool or cotton to hold one or two drops. As the essential oil evaporates it releases fragrance through holes or meshes incorporated in the jewellery pendant or bracelet design.

The quality and style of aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces vary–some are reminiscent of Victorian scent boxes and use a gold hinged tree locket. Some are cylindrical or have porous materials like terracotta or cork as part of the jewellery.

Concentrated essential oils must not touch your skin. Some cause phototoxic reactions, and almost all of them are harmful when undiluted by a carrier oil. The concept for an aromatherapy diffuser necklace incorporates a barrier between the padding and your skin, allowing the odor to emerge.

You apply a few drops of your favourite undiluted essential oil (or a combination) to a pad or lava stone bead. These evaporate over overtime while wearing lasting from a short while to days.

Wooden Aromatherapy Jewellery
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How Long Do Diffuser Pads Last?

You can approach the answer from two different angles:

  • How often do you replace them?
  • How long does it last?

How Often Do You Replace the Diffuser Pads?

Theoretically, you can use any natural absorbent items as a padding, but most jewellery makers use:

  • Felt.Cotton wicks.
  • Wood sticks.
  • Bamboo fabric.
  • Cork.
  • Leather.
  • Lava stone beads.
  • Clay or terracotta.
Aromatherapy jewellery necklace and pads

Cotton, cork, hide and wool beads absorb oil instantly. Porous lava stones and clay bracelets take a few minutes before the oil disappears from the bead surface. Leather tends to add its odour to the blend – very faint, but if you have a sensitive nose, you will spot it. The others are more neutral.

You can reuse the pads for years. The limiting factor is how much essential oil you apply and if you are mixing up the blends. Suppose you want a clean smell, you are best using a different one for each blend of essential oil.

Wool, cork, cotton and bamboo fabric disks are economical. They come in different colours so you can quickly identify which essential oil blend goes with which.

How Long Does the Scent Last?

The staying power of essential oil depends on its composition. Like a musical scale, the oil has top, middle and bottom notes. Some have a combination, and some have a single note. A talented perfumier composes a fragrance by combining these notes.

Top notes like eucalyptus and peppermint are light and refreshing, but disperse in an hour or two. Lower notes can last up to eight hours on a wool felt pad.

The art of blending essential oils to create a unique fragrance perfume is surprisingly easy. Providing you remember that sparing use of the dropper is more effective.

Does Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery Work?

The piece of aromatherapy jewelry acts as a container for the essential oil so you can inhale its fragrance. It works to deliver access to your selected available blends through inhalation. Millions of tiny receptors in your nose fire up the brain section that deals with memory and emotion. Aromatherapy essential oils speak directly to your mind.

Quality aromatherapy jewellery necklaces and bracelets give you the added advantages of access to your essential oil aromas whenever you want it. You may use lavender for calm, insomnia, anxiety or peppermint as an antidote to morning sickness.

Wearing essential oil pendants allow you to slowly access the fragrance without direct skin contact, throughout your day.

Is Aromatherapy Jewellery Safe?

Undiluted essential oils are concentrated chemical compounds (naturally created by plants) and must be treated with caution and diluted if in contact with skin. They protect the skin from direct contact are safer.

Potential issues with pure essential oils include:


Not everyone copes well with certain scents. Room diffusers can cause irritation in some people suffering an adverse reaction.

Essential oil jewelry means you keep the fragrance to yourself rather than scenting a whole room. This approach is a more economical use of expensive essential oils. A droplet suffices for an individual where you might need the entire bottle for a room.


Selecting the same aromatherapy oil every day lessens its effectiveness and causes sensitization. Your brain learns to block it out with overexposure, and you don’t get the advantages. Plus, one drop is good, and two drops are not better.

Everyone has an instinctive reaction to using more (more drink, more chocolate biscuits) of everything. Pragmatically you want enough, but not too much.

A light fragrance is pleasant for you and everyone else. Using enough to leave you sneezing and with watery eyes is not what you want from your essential oil pendant. Moderate usage means you get the maximum usefulness for your body, mind and bank balance.


All essential oils do not suit everyone all the time. Some are toxic to cats, dogs, horses, and birds–even in inhalation. The amount of potential harm from a jewellery necklace is remote. But your pet may be particularly susceptible, and it is best to avoid contact between your pet and chosen scent.

You can use aromatherapy necklace jewelry for your sake, but ensure safety for your pet.

Children, elderly, pregnant women, people with epilepsy or asthma all have different sensitivity levels and some that need avoiding. Diffuser pendant necklaces remove some main issues because the concentration is small.

Still, it is worth checking that your essential oil is Ok for you. Avoid any that are known to irritate when inhaled.


Essential oils like any oil are flammable. A drop on a wool felt pad does not pose a fire risk, but a saturated wad dangled in a naked flame does. It’s not a big issue, but it makes sense to be aware that they are flammable. The same as any oil-soaked clothing poses a potential fire hazard.

aromatherapy diffuser necklace jewellery

Why Use Aromatherapy Jewellery?

An aromatherapy pendant necklace is attractive and gives you the option of including a pleasant fragrance with added rewards in your daily life. Essential oil jewelry provides a dependable way to use these fragrances. You gain access to the aroma without exposing you directly to the plant compounds and risking an allergic reaction.

Human use of essential oil covers thousands of years. They lift our mood, relax us, and improve our environment offering a pleasant sensory encounter. Essential jewellery provides a way to use your nose to improve your life, by carefully providing ways to enhance your own space.

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