The 9 Best Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stones for Chisels

What Are The 9 Best Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stones for Chisels in 2024

Look no further if you want the finest diamond-sharpening stone for chisels and plane irons! We’ve compiled a list of the 9 top options on the market today.

No matter your budget, we’re confident you’ll find a great option on our list. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Are Combination Diamond Stone Sharpening Kits Any Good?

Diamond stones are the hardest material available and stay flat. They’re also expensive, so if on a budget, you might want to consider another type.

Combination diamond sharpening plates are often considered the best sharpening stone but are more pricey than other options on the market. Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference as to whether or not they are worth the investment. I have tried all the other methods, and these are my preferred choice.

  • It will sharpen faster and more efficiently than any other type of sharpener.
  • Thanks to the rubber feet, it won’t move while using it.
  • The diamond plate can sharpen hand tools, carving gouges, kitchen knives and scissors!
  • The diamond is the hardest known substrate, so it can sharpen tungsten carbide tools – saving you time and energy.
  • Small and portable so you can take them with you anywhere.
  • Precision machined with high quality synthetic diamonds electroplated for extended life.
  • They’re simple to maintain; no soaking or flattering necessary.
  • Fast cleanup. Try Trends cleaning block or a normal pencil eraser for the black marks.
  • Fantastic for repairing and restoring damaged edges.
combination sharpening stones

What Is The Best Material For A Sharpening Stone

There are many different materials for general purpose sharpening operations. The most popular choices include diamond, ceramics, Waterstones, and oilstones. Diamond stones are the hardest and most durable solution for heavy-duty use.

Ceramic tiles are also tough but can be more challenging than other options. Water stones are softer than diamond or ceramic stones, making them easier to use but wear out sooner. Oil stones are the conventional stone and the most common, having been about for decades.

Each item has advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential finding the right one for your needs.

plane iron sharpening with diamond stone

What Are The Best Diamond Sharpening Stones?

These days, they come in all shapes, though not all diamond plates for sharpening are created equal. If you’re going to invest in a good stone, you want to be sure it will last. With a variety of grits and sizes below, you’re sure to find the perfect stone for your needs.

Top Pick
Three DMT Diamond Whetstones

Three DMT Diamond Whetstones

The Diamond Machining Technology (DMT®) set of three DMT stones are the best stone sharpening system to keep your chisel sharp. A great choice for those looking for a good set with (325 mesh), the fastest cutting stone, a fine (600 mesh), and an extra fine (1200 mesh) for polishing dull edges. The stones are made from diamond particles, the sharpest type. They are easy to use and help you sharpen your tools quickly and easily.

The efficient sharpening system comes with three hardwood or bamboo box designs, each with a unique grain figure. Dimensions are 11 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 11 inches tall, weighing 1.8 pounds. There is also the option of a synthetic lapping fluid for marking knives, axes, and other tools.


  • Will replace defective single stones.
  • Colour-coded for quick identification.
  • Uniform coverage.
  • The polka dot pattern keeps the large sharpening surface clean from swarf.


  • Not suitable for pointed or small tools.
  • You will need an intermediate option.
  • Pricey.

Good Value

Ultra Sharp Three Piece Set

Ultra Sharp Three Piece Set

The Ultra Sharp diamond sharpening stone set coarse/medium/extra fine is the best value we’ve seen to sharpen high speed steels or TC. The stone kit comes with three different grits (300, 600, and 1200), so you can use the right one for the job. The three metal plates are also 8×3 inches, large enough to handle most tools.

  • Large work surface for a wood chisel.
  • Usage and maintenance are minimal.
  • Universal base with three premium rubber stops included.
  • Heavy at 2.2 pounds each.

Ultra Sharp 2 Piece Set

Ultra Sharp 2 Piece Set

Similar to the above spec, a two-piece set with 300 to cut aggressively and 1200. If you need to spread the expense or change equipment, you can buy them as a single plate in each grade.


  • A lifetime warranty protects you in case something goes wrong during its lifetime.
  • The stones are single sided. You don’t have to worry about damage on the other side.
  • Small and handy to carry around with you.


  • Does not come with a universal stone holder.

Smith’s 8″ Diamond Tri-Hone

Smith's 8″ Diamond Tri-Hone

The Smith’s 8-inch tri-hone is excellent for larger woodworking tools. It includes a 325 coarse grit for general sharpening and a 750 fine grit. A natural stone (Arkansas rated at 1000 to 1200). The three stones are color-coded and labelled for identification.
A unique overlapping perforation design speeds up the sharpening process. While the Micro-Tool Pad is perfect for a point or small cutting edge.


  • Honing solution: Includes their own premium fluid.
  • Angle guide: Perfect to assist beginners or those who use it occasionally.
  • Housing Construction: Designed for quick rotation and a non-skid base.
  • Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Good customer ratings.


  • Premium price: This is a high-priced tool, though there is a cheaper 6″ version.
  • Breaking in period: To be fair, they all need a little while to break in.
  • Practice is needed: You won’t obtain great results until you master the correct angles.

Classic Trend Double Sided Stone

Classic Trend Double Sided Stone

Trend’s Classic Pro is a robust, easy-to-use diamond combination sharpener. An 8 x 3 inch double-sided stone with a fine 1000 grit and a coarse 300 with clearance channels. Guaranteed for 5 years if used with their own lapping fluid.

There is a whole selection, from standard to premium products.


  • Precision flatness.
  • Anti-slip rubber pad and pouch provided.


  • 5-year limited warranties.

Kalolary Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone

Kalolary Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone

The Kalolary surface plate is excellent for a woodworker’s workshop or home. The 400-grit is perfect for reshaping, while the 1000-grit is for fine sharpening knives. At only 12 oz, this compact whetstone is lightweight to carry and store.

Moreover, the Kalolary whetstone has a honeycomb design. The honeycomb structure prevents the stone from clogging affecting the sharpening speed. When in use, it is better and lasts longer when used with a lubricant.

Finally, it is crucial to clean it after grinding and before using it. If the tool is not cleaned, it will become clogged over time.


  • Anti-clog honeycomb.
  • Built-in housing/ storage.
  • An affordable pair that will get the job done quickly and effectively.


  • Small dimensions compared to others at 5.91 x 2.48 x 0.04″.
  • Lightweight.
  • Only two grades are included.

Dual-Grit Diamond Sharpal Knife Sharpener with Leather Strop

Dual-Grit Diamond Sharpal Knife Sharpener with Leather Strop

Sharpal’s diamond knife sharpeners are suggested for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. A solid steel plate that will remain flat and shatter-resistant. The coarse stone has 325 grit for basic sharpening and reshaping a dull tool edge and 1200 for honing. If you need another step, use the leather strop.

It is great for novice and experienced users alike on axes or lawnmower blades. Light in weight at 5.6 ounces with the paracord-wrapped handle for camping or wilderness use.


  • The blade sharpeners stainless steel base ensures longevity.
  • 3 years warranty: There is a 3-year guarantee on the product.
  • Comfortable to hold. An ergonomic grip, for when your hands are wet or dirty.


  • Extremely short guarantee.
  • Needs some practice in use.

Libraton Diamond Files

Libraton Diamond Files

Needle files are great for precision work because they can cut any direction. They’re less damaging than traditional files, so they’re ideal for many applications. They may be turned in any direction and are hard enough to work with heavy metals.


  • Range of applications: Cuts in any direction.
  • A better alternative than ordinary files: Less likely to cause damage and quicker.
  • Finish: A good finish over other abrasives.


  • Difficult to use on composite and plastic material.
  • Limited use: Despite limitations, they are handy in the toolbox.

Retractable Sharpener Rod

Retractable Sharpener Rod

A fine grit diamond sharpening rod is used to sharpen blades and other edged tools. The retractable system allows the user to extend or shorten the rod to the desired length. Styled as a pen to keep in a pocket easily.

  • These conventional sharpeners can be used for many purposes, including serrated blades.
  • Groove is ideal for fish hooks and fine-pointed objects.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing A Sharpening Stone Set?

1. What type of tools will you be sharpening? The diamond honing stone surface makes sharpening efficient. For restoring a sharp edge or flattening the backs of plane blades, start with 300 grit. Choose in the range of 300, 600 and 1200 grit to cover most workshop needs.

2. Consider the dimensions. To select the right one, determine the type of knife or tool and the angle at which it will be worked. From the tiny 3/4″ x 2″ Eze-lap 5 piece offering for touching up router bits to big bench plates.

3. Check the abrasion. Grit size refers to the abrasive ability, with higher grades providing sharper blades. Finer microns are recommended for things that require a fine edge. Also, consider the type of metal your working with and its hardness.

4. Think about the brand and warranty. Some brands, like DMT and Smith’s, have built their whole business on sharpening tools. Most of these types of stones have long warranties, so you can be sure they will last.

5. It’s crucial to analyse the stone’s pricing, specs, and quality. Also, consider the type of stone and how it will be employed.

6. Want good customer reviews? Look no further than the reviewed options above! With high ratings from satisfied customers, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect stone. Just be aware of the proportions of each option before purchase.

diamond honing tools for knives

What Are The Different Types Of Diamond Bench Stones?

There are two types of diamond bench stones, either continuous or interrupted diamond surface. But each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The broken surface of the interrupted kind makes it challenging to hone point tools. On the other hand, continuous diamond surface coatings tend to be more costly.

They have also come a long way since the first versions. Now available in all sorts of shapes and sizes for different purposes.

Micronized monocrystalline diamonds are uniformly sized (MCD) and polycrystalline (PCD). PCD is a composite with multiple faces bonded together; they tend to be cheaper. MCD is grown as a single piece with many surfaces. It is electroplated, which gives them a longer lifespan and will not break.

With proper care, their exceptional scratch pattern, durability, and performance will last 10 to 20 years. MCD Sharpening is faster and cleaner than other methods for better efficiency.

Care And Maintenance For Combination Diamond Stones?

To make sure your diamond stone sharpener will last, you need to keep it clean. You can use them dry, but it is advised to use a lubricant. To avoid damaging the stone, avoid overheating it or applying excessive pressure. Unlike others, there is no need to soak, flatten, or oil the stone before use.

Water is OK for lubrication though it may cause filings to rust if not cleaned and dried off properly. Better to use Windex or a lapping fluid though Krud Kutter is highly rated on woodworking forums.

You will now be able to join the club of Neandertals who shave their arm hair (been there, done that 😉).

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