Housewarming Gifts For Men: 32 Best Gift Ideas Guys Will Love

32 Good Housewarming Gifts For Men – Best Gift Ideas Guys Will Love

When an old pal invites you to his housewarming party, the biggest problem you may have is getting a party gift he will like. It can be a pain to get something that he will cherish, but turning up empty-handed can be rude. Good housewarming gifts for guys are a pain to buy, so here we have some great gift ideas that will help you buy house warming gifts for men.

What’s a good housewarming gift for a guy?

A housewarming present is a thoughtful gift that celebrates the new home. It also shows appreciation for the thoughtfulness of a colleague or workmate.

Frequent Entertainers

Housewarming Barware Kit Gifts For Men

1. Barman’s Tools

Bringing a Barman’s Kit to any housewarming will be a fantastic way to start a birthday celebration. While other guests bring drinks, you come with the bar implements! Your other half will thank you for this house warming present. Barware comes with a shaker, measuring jiggers, muddler, pourers and twisted mixing spoon.

Each set comes in stainless steel or copper finish; some come with a nice-looking stand housing all accessories. If your partner cares about entertaining, this will be terrific.

handmade openers collection

2. Beer Bottle Openers

Consider something more exquisite, such as a custom wood-handled bottle opener. It is comfortable in hand and will not embarrass any person using it. A beer opener will be a wonderful conversation starter, plus it will last for years to come.

While they come in many forms, you will want to gift your fella something durable and elegant. You can find them handcrafted from English Oak or Walnut woods. We design these beer openers comfortable in any hand size. They will not bend or break as it is a sturdy material.

Wine Opener

3. Wine Openers

If you plan to visit with some claret, it might be prudent to include a wine opener set to go with it. Some wine bottle openers come boxed that will hold all the essentials. If he is a connoisseur, then glasses or toolset will be a thoughtful housewarming gift for a first home.

Stainless sets come in with various finishes. For busy males, consider getting electronic versions; electric openers are new in the market but popular for new homeowners.

Various toppers

4. Bottle Stoppers

The best housewarming gifts for boyfriend’s who love to entertain should include stoppers. They function to preserve bottles when opened, but it can be a silent statement of elegance. Pick plugs that fit various sizes and have silicone rubber seals that fit tight.

Opt for beautiful hardwoods with a gold finish, as they look marvellous as toppers. Toppers come in many shapes and forms, so you can mix and match resin tops and hardwood tops for added variety. They are logical and fitting for friends who enjoy entertaining.

Globe decanter

5. Globe Decanter

It is a globe whiskey decanter with a stand, perfection for those who like to keep their favourite spirit under the spotlight. A masterful piece of glassware that’s as gorgeous as it is functional. The whisky lover will adore this glass globe-shaped carafe that will let you savour the flavour of your favourite tipple. Also included for the connoisseur are six whiskey stones and two glasses.

BBQ tool set

6. BBQ Set

A man who loves to entertain outdoors will want to have a nice barbeque set waiting for sunny weather. Barbeque sets come with a grill brush, tongs and all the things your loved one can have to start grilling. Particularly if it comes in a handy case for portability.

Barbeque sets are stainless steel and Ok in the dishwasher after use. Some even come with a meat thermometer for a perfect barbeque. If your man has a lot of friends and loves to entertain, he will surely treasure this gift set.

Eric Bristow Family Game

7. Dartboard

Classic gifts for men include the humble dartboard. They manufacture dartboards from self-healing sisal bristle fibres, so they last longer. Darts are included, but you can buy extra. You can give more professional dart sets for serious players with scoreboard fixtures.

A simple dartboard with darts is enough to keep any partying alive for the casual fun night.

Technology Enthusiast’s

Wifi Camera With Google Assistant

8. Security Camera

If he admires high tech security cameras, they are perfect for new homeowners. You can find surveillance cams that fit your budget, as there are many types to choose from. Most PoE cameras come with other features that keep homes secure. For pets, you can get built-in speakers or screens for your buddy to talk to his pets at home.

Most will come with phone apps, allowing you to check in. Having peace of mind is a gift that keeps on giving, preventing theft.

Sonos Cones

9. Smart Speakers

Smart Bluetooth speaker’s like Google Home or Amazon Echo are fantastic additions to any new home. Voice-controlled assistants support playing a musical collection, sending reminders, turning a house into a smart home. For tech lovers, these smart devices will be a unique gift. These devices come in different looks and sizes to fit into each home’s decor.

Some CCTV cameras have smart speakers for better safety and extra options such as auto turn on lights when someone is home.

Giardino Metal Herb Planter

10. Smart Pot

For a busy man who loves fresh herbs to cook yet has trouble finding a minute for gardening, the smart pot is a handy gift that keeps on giving. The intelligent vessel waters plants and has lighting designed to encourage plant growth.

Fitted with artificial intelligence, the device beeps when water levels run low or fertiliser needs topping up. Smart pots come with seeds guaranteed to grow indoor. Your pal can enjoy newly grown herbs without hassle.

multifunctional iphone dock

11. Charging Station

One of the more practical housewarming gifts is a charging dock. A place to charge mobile phones, watches and tablets. The charging station hides away power cords, so it looks tidy always. Organizers keep things in place, and they can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

As we all have at least one mobile electronic device, it is essential to have it at home. Charging docks can come in a stylish metal finish or more environment-friendly bamboo.

For Cookery Enthusiasts

Engraved chopping block

12. Cutting Boards

The guy who cooks will cherish a quality cutting board. Choose high-quality hardwoods or one that can last. Chopping boards made from walnut or beech are tough for food preparation. He can use it for prepping or serving cheese and cut meats.

You can add a finishing oil as an extra companion for maintenance in the man cave.

Japanese Santoku blades

13. Artisan Knives

The best practical housewarming gift for men is knives if they are cooking. If your pal loves to prepare his meals, then chances are he will use a decent knife set. Select blades made from high carbon content stainless steel and have a nice balance.

Japanese style Santoku knives are excellent presents as they are versatile in any kitchenette. If you’re giving a set, remember to choose a knife block.

Expresso machine for new home owner

14. Espresso Maker

Not everyone likes caffeine, but for the one who needs his morning mug, coffee makers are thoughtful housewarming gifts for bachelors. You can find pod machines for the busy drinker, as it saves time and effort. An espresso machine will be an excellent addition to his new home for coffee lovers. But if he already has his own, accessories like bean grinders are also ideal.

Cooking Appliances

15. Cooking Appliances

From the sous vide immersion circulator to convenient blenders. Cooking tools are the perfect housewarming gift for those who love the kitchen. Consider tools that have many functions and go for easily cleanable. Cooking appliances can add stylish flair to any space, or you can find those that can be stored.

A kitchen appliance such as waffle makers, air fryers or blenders suit men who are health conscious.

Enemal bakeware for men

16. Kitchen Bakeware

Enamel bakeware or roasting trays are good gifts for men who have a cuisine passion. Baking trays come in various options, such as roaster and rack. Enamel pans are tough and tend not to rust after use, also easier to clean. Any cooking enthusiast will appreciate quality cookware, as there can never be too many.

Metropolitan Man

Brain Teaser Puzzles

17. Interesting Puzzles

Puzzles suitable for both children and adults, a three-dimensional puzzle can be part of the furniture or distraction when trying to kill time. They are splendid table decorations, conversation starters.

As a house warming gift, puzzles keep the brain active. They are elegantly made and can provide a mental challenge. Wooden type presents are suitable for any man who likes sophisticated but understated decor.

chess board

18. Board Games

Chess or checkers have made a comeback and become a popular housewarming gift. If your companion does not play chess, other games such as Monopoly, Risk and Tumble Towers are wonderful substitutes.

Physical games have always been popular at parties, as they encourage interaction and communication. For men with families, social games keep children entertained. Board games also will never go out of style and outstanding for groups.

19. Photo Frames

The memories make a home; thoughtful gifts for men are photo frames to show that. Picture frames come in all forms; you can pick ones in hardwood or metal. Wooden frames have a masculine feel; metal photo frames are more adaptable, blending into more design styles.

You can also create photo frames yourself if you’re able to. You can pick a digital photo frame to display photos on a loop if in doubt.

electric room diffuser

20. Aromatherapy Diffusers

Homes should smell welcoming; hence diffusers make a great housewarming gift. Electric oil diffusers fill the house with fragrances while removing smells like dirty laundry.

You can add more masculine choices such as sandalwood, vanilla or cedarwood for single men. They have proven aromatherapy to help improve mood and relaxation. It is a perfect choice for a brand new home. Some of the better diffusers allow you to link with smart home hubs like Google or Alexa. He can have it running before guests arrive.

music coasters

21. Retro Coaster Set

Get five excellent 80’s hits on these awesome plastic music coasters! These authentic look-alike records feature the original album art of the following hit bands: Duran Duran, Soft Cell, Human League, Wham and The Smiths.

Great on any coffee table and will bring back memories to all who see them. The set comes packaged in clear plastic packaging with a display front. A terrific retro gift for any music lover!

Regular Buddies

22. Toolkit

When he moves into his new bachelor pad, there are some things that he is bound to have forgotten to stock. Handyman equipment is essential in any new home but forgotten on shopping lists. Hence a toolbox with essentials will be the perfect gift, especially if they are not a tradesperson.

Hammer, screwdrivers, nails, and some spanners are valuable tools. Some shops offer engraving services on handles if you want a personal touch.

Personalized name plaque

23. Name Plaque

Personalised name plaques created from different materials such as slate. A personalised gift is always welcome; you can add messages or create a sign for placement on the door. Many shops allow you to select the font and design of plaques to fit the new house features.

The personal touches can add character to their home for detached males, making it more welcoming to guests or family. If names are not his thing, meaningful quotes can be sound substitutes if you insist for the gift recipient.

24. First Aid Cabinet

Handy for the new homeowner will be a stocked medicine chest. Essentials such as bandages, splinter probes, tweezers are always sensible at the most unexpected times.

Every home should have medical supplies, but we forget until the emergency arises. It is easy to assemble your own, and it will last for years to come.

Big cooler box houswarming gift

25. Cooler Boxes

Cold boxes might sound like a boring gift, but add alcohol into the equation, and you will be a welcome guest. There are many sizes; some stores let you add a monogram or personal touches to it. A cool box can keep things cold during a get together outside.

It can also be the emergency storage when the power goes out, and he needs to keep his food cold. An icebox is perfect for those who like to travel around.

26. Hidden Safe

Hidden safe or high-quality deposit boxes are a practical gift for him. Some safes look like books or cans, while some looks like plastic house plants. Your friend can hide things like cash, documents or other important items in the strongbox.

Hidden safes are convenient when they blend into part of the furniture. If your buddy collects books, a secret book compartment will be a handy addition to his collection. Hiding in plain sight has never been easier.

Generic Gifts for Him

27. Housewarming Gift Basket For Fellas

You might not realize what he needs as a regular friend, but you want to be a decent guest. To ensure a lasting impression, create a personalised pack yourself. Traditionally, people pack bread, alcohol and candle, sugar and salt as gift baskets.

For a traditional housewarming gift, the five components each have meaning behind it: bread to signify there’s always something to eat, scented candles for light, sugar to have sweetness, salt to wish that life has flavour, and wine so that none will go thirsty.

Hence, these could be a creative housewarming gift idea for men. If you want to splurge more to make it more presentable, add a coin (wealth), wood (stability and peace) or a plant (always have life).

28. Fruits Basket

Fruit baskets are always functional if you do not know what to offer. They can share a fruit bowl around during a houseparty, and you can eat later any leftovers. Select fruits in season, and you can mix and match with other foodstuffs such as chocolates, chips and juices for the new homeowner.

It is best to pick unprepared fruits Uncut, as they can keep better in the fridge than cut fruit.

Lush house plants

29. Plants

Plants are well-accepted because they represent life in the home. It would be better to give plants that look lush and low maintenance. If your mate is an avid gardener, garden implements are indispensable for new homeowners. Plants are also natural air purifiers, hence another thoughtful gift.

When looking for houseplants, you can get plants that do well indoors with less sunlight or invest in a container that comes with artificial sunlight.

Miniature Garden Terrarium

30. Zen Gardens

Miniature Zen Gardens sit on your desk; they serve as stress relievers after a hectic day. Zen gardens do not have any plants, just rocks and sand. These tiny versions of the Zen garden promote mindfulness and meditation. To relax, he can rake the sand to create swirling patterns, helpful to take away some everyday stress.

He can rearrange the rocks or create new patterns as needed. Zen gardens are small yet valuable additions to work desks; they assist with stress relief and improve the mood.

31. Stationary

A stationary set is a must-have if your pal has their own home office. Wooden pen sets or letter openers are creative male housewarming gifts. They are functional and never go out of style. Handmade pens can be a fountain or ballpoint pens; they will pass down through the generations. You can choose between an ink cartridge or piston pump, or handcrafted roller ball pens that come with refills.

Pick from our bespoke store for added originality, something that he might want to keep safely at home to admire.

bathroom towels

32. Monogrammed Gifts

More generic ideas that have the individual touch is monogrammed presents. For a man who has it all, he can never be short of monogrammed towels or bathrobes. If you are unsure of sizing, you can pick general household items such as blankets and throws instead.

Many shops offer beautiful fonts so you can customise your ideal gift, and the options are endless. Aside from fabrics, you can give monogrammed cups, cheese boards or anything that has a surface to put his initials on.


Gift giving for a man can be tricky; there are many things he will already own. The list above is our gift guide to take the pain out of buying cool gifts for men that are useful. Men appreciate gifts that are constructive and long-lasting. But for your favorite guy who has everything, a gift card is a reasonable substitute. Like all unique gifts, it is that thought counts.

Have I missed anything, or do you have any other thoughts? Please leave your suggestions below.

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