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10 Best Expensive Fountain pens

10 Best Expensive Fountain pens

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Expensive fountain pens come in varying shapes, colours and sizes. They serve different purposes such as gifts and as writing tools. A pen’s size, shape, point and ink colour affect the way you write. For your best writing quality, you must choose the right pen. Pens have different styles and made from different materials. There are plastic pens, metal pens and wooden pens. Whatever the material someone makes them of, pens have many elegant designs, price ranges and can encourage good writing quality.
The prices of pens differ from low cost to medium cost to expensive. Expensive pens commonly termed as luxury pens and normally boasts exotic and authentic elements. There are three kinds of luxury pens ballpoints, rollerballs and fountain pens. However, the preferred luxury pen is still the fountain pen. Expensive fountain pens make a statement about the user. The more expensive the writing instrument, the greater the statement.

Four Luxury Fountain Pens With Gift Boxes

Choosing A Luxury Pen

When choosing a luxury pen consider the material used, the price, the finish, uniqueness and the writing quality. Luxury pens often priced differently depending on the materials used in the making. The most costly writing instruments assumed to be the most luxurious. When you make such a great investment in a pen, it is important to carefully consider your choice.

Price Of Luxury Pens

Once you have decided on the pen, you can decide on other important factors. Consider your budget, luxury pens can cost a lot of money. It’s normally good to have a price range in mind before you go to look for your ideal pen. It’s important to think about the material you want your pen constructing from. Pens made from precious wood or metals sometimes considered especially luxurious. Coloured resins are popular in finishes however, paint-based lacquers are also popular. A unique pen is also very appealing as a luxury pen. We assume pens that are limited and have unique features more luxurious. A luxurious pen should provide exceptional writing quality.

Fountain Pen Operation

One type of luxury pen is the fountain pen. A fountain pen contains a supply of ink on its inside. The ink flows from the container or supply of ink to paper. It is the capillary action that releases ink on to paper, either from a cartridge or a pump. One main difference between expensive fountain pens is from the materials used. Fountain pens may be made from plastic, metal or they may be handmade fountain pens.

Fountain Pen Materials

The writing tools made only from Plastic is less luxurious. They give a less authentic feel and they are also usually not expensive. These are common for everyday use but rarely makes a statement about the user.

Metal fountain pen deemed more luxurious and expensive. Metal fountain pens are sometimes studded with gold, crystals and diamond. Fountain pens made from gold and other precious crystals are most luxurious. They are also luxuriously priced in the thousands.

Handmade fountain pens are unique and when adequately finished, very elegant and luxurious. Handmade fountain pens use exotic wood and other materials from all over the world and completed with the best finishes. They are not as expensive as metal fountain pens but can be just as elegant and luxurious. These pens are so unique they will convey your thoughts to the receiver when purchased as pen gifts for him or her.

Why Choose An Expensive Fountain Pen

There are many reasons people love fountain pens. Fountain pens give a more professional appearance. When someone sees you using a fountain pen, they believe you are serious about what you are doing. This is because it shows that you have put thought into purchasing your writing tool. Fountain pens give an authentic look. These pens have been around for a while and have changed over the years. However, they remain an all-time favourite. Fountain pens provide a pleasant writing experience. This is because they are comfortable to write with so users write more and write better.

Examples of Handmade Luxury Fountain Pens Include:

Aphrodite Gold & Ivory Fountain Pen
This pen beautifully designed with gold-plated trim and ivory resin.
Green Pine Cones Fountain Pen
This is an unusual pen with exquisite features. It boasts a gold-plated trim with shades of blue, green and yellow mixed. This pen serves as an ideal gift because of its special features.
Watch Parts Fountain Pen
Another unique pen, made from stripped down watch parts. It has a gold-plated trim, with gold- and silver-coloured watch parts.
Oak Whiskey Cask Fountain Pen
With its barrel made from an old oak whiskey cask, this pen is also unique and is suitable as a pen gift for him.
Caramel and Pine Cone fountain pen
Made from caramel Pine cone and has a gold-plated trim.
Brown Mallee Fountain Pen
Made from an expensive tree that is hard to come by, this pen has a high-quality gold-plated trim.
Candy Coloured Fountain Pen
Made from an acrylic resin this pen an eye catcher fit for daily use.
Elegant Fountain Pen with a rippled figure
This eye catcher has a gold-plated trim and also fit for daily use.
Handmade British Union Jack Fountain Pen
This pen has a high-quality chrome trim that goes with its blend of colours.
Olive Wood Fountain Pen
This luxurious pen made from Olive wood and exquisitely shaped and designed.

Colourful Handmade Fountain Pens

Choose A Handmade Fountain Pen?

The examples of handmade luxury pens listed above reveal the uniqueness and creativity in each writing implement from the pen maker. Each pen has a unique theme and made from the best material that will create the unique feel of the pen. Most of the pens are ideal as gifts but it suits some for daily use. Though not the most expensive luxury pen, the prices reflect the costs of making such authentic pens. When given as gifts, these pens convey all the thought and love that went into the purchase.
Fountain pens are still loved and in high demand. Many fountain pens fall into the category of luxury pens and made in the most exquisite designs. These luxury pens are very expensive, and many are made of metal. Handmade luxury pens are another kind of fountain pen that is gaining increasing attention. They are usually made from unique, exotic materials and completed with beautiful finishes. I also make them in numerous designs and varieties to suit many users. Handmade fountain pens are not among the top-priced luxury pens, but they can compete in appearance. They provide an alternative option for fountain pen lovers who are looking for that new, authentic look.

What is your favourite pen? Do you even still use one of these? Please comment below.

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