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About Us, John Whitlock, Me

Hi, my name is John, this is a short bio about us. I started woodworking in 2000 as a part-time hobby, making some radiator covers on the garden patio. From the patio into a workshop and the household furniture.

Woodworking has so many avenues and rabbit holes to explore. I bought a lathe to make the knobs and bun feet for the furniture I was making, at the time. The lathe then led to bowl turning and turned wooden boxes. Pen turning was a way to use all those small bits of wood from the other crafts. With lots more adventures in other areas such as traditional wooden boxes, Wooden Intarsia, Marquetry and inlay work.

I like to work in all areas of the above wooden crafts, pushing my boundaries by bringing them together or introducing other media to raise things to new levels. A new YouTube channel just started I plan to record some videos of the latest wooden creations as they are being made.

With advances in technology and new materials, different epoxy, milliput and casting resin, the possibilities for new ideas in woodcraft are endless. Some things that were not possible before becoming more affordable or new tool designs.

Now I have an enormous interest in pens, why not have a look in the gallery for beautiful examples. Getting to use all kinds of exotic and local woods in my unique wooden pens is great. I have handcrafted various types and styles of Wooden Fountain Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Rollerball Pens, Pen and Pencil gift sets.

All the range of my wooden handmade pens is unique because of the figure and grain of the various wood. I also use Resins, Antler and other materials when turning to make beautiful pens. Some of these materials are difficult to source, like the Antler.