Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more frequently asked questions that have quick easy answers. If you have any other questions that you can’t find an answer in the product pages or blog posts please use the contact form below.

Removing Perfume Bottle Top’s

Not sure about removing perfume bottle top’s so you can fill your perfume atomizer or pen? How you go about this will depend on the style and brand. The wife buys Dior from all around the world while on holiday or working. The tops can be different even within the same make and brand depending on where made. Some will pull off easily others may be a little harder. If it will not pull straight of try easing around the bottom edge with a knife or nail file. This should then easily just pop off then just pull out the plastic plug. The top will just pop back on when finished with no damage.Removing Perfume Bottle Top's From Dior

Opening Perfume Bottle Video

Still not sure then watch this video on opening a perfume bottle.

It takes a couple of days to make a pen if it’s straightforward, though if I have to order materials it could be up to three weeks depending on where the materials come from and the complexity of the pen design. If you would like to order an out of stock item for a specific date please contact me first to see if it is possible within the time frame you need.

Do I have a handmade ink pen that is a suitable replacement for a Filofax pen? maybe but it will depend on the size of the Filofax loop. All my pens are hand turned by hand and eye and as such will all vary slightly.

The handbag pen could be a suitable replacement with an approximate 9.5 mm barrel diameter or some of the slimline pens made from Corian at 9.5 to 10 mm diameter, all these use either a mini refill or a standard cross type refill available on the high street.

All my wooden pens need little maintenance as the wood has been sealed with a hard and durable finish to protect it. An occasional wipe over with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints if you wish.

A bit more care and thought should be given to where you leave it. Although tough and durable for everyday use please do not leave near radiators, on car dashboards or near direct heat sources. The wood is dry but different woods do expand and contract.

The last posting date when we think you will still receive our wooden pens is the 16th December for first class and Monday the 12th for second class. We will still be posting pens after this date but cannot be sure they will arrive in time for Christmas.


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