Whitlock Wooden Designs: Amazing Ideas Your Family Will Love

Amazing Ideas by Whitlock Wooden Designs Your Family Will Love

There is a lot of wood in the world. From flooring to cabinets, from wooden furniture to art, there are endless applications for wood design. Our solid wood designs offer some unique and beautiful pieces you’re sure to like!

We are an online store that sells handcrafted wooden products. We have a wide range of items, from writing instruments to wall art with lots more in between. You can buy them as they are, or you can customize them to your liking. These pieces are entirely handcrafted by a local artisan and with the highest quality.

Design Process

Humankind has used wood for over 5000 years for a good reason. Wood is a natural material that remains popular owing to its traditional qualities and pleasing aesthetic. There are many types available, so it’s essential to choose the right one for the project.

Our thought process when designing anything is form and function. Using traditional techniques, we also mix things up with modern materials in our designs when possible.

Please browse the site; you may be surprised by our housewarming gift ideas or our twist on anniversaries and birthdays. We are always thinking about new products to make our gifts stand out from the crowd.

Reclaimed Wood Design

Whenever possible, we like to use windfall or reclaimed wood as they have a story to tell. The wood has been through many years of weathering; it will have its own unique patina and markings. We like to think that each piece has a soul.

These woods are often found outdoors, typically with many years of weathering. A whiskey barrels charring gives the surface a charming patina we love to work with.

Recycled wood is a popular choice and eco friendly with a story all of its own to tell. We appreciate working with reclaimed timber; it helps the environment and recycles materials.

Amazing woodworking Joinery

While intricate joinery is impressive, the simplest joints are often the most pleasing. Jewellery box joints that are a fraction off will stand out like a sore thumb in woodworking.

This oak box is a classic case of “form follows function”. The joint looks simple because it has to be simple – there’s no other way to make it work. But don’t be fooled by appearances – this joint is strong and durable. It’s a perfect example of the “less is more” principle at work in woodworking. 

Wooden Items We Love

With a little bit of imagination, it’s amazing the things that can come from a piece of wood. Get creative and design something special for friends or family. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one, we’ve got the perfect project.

We know that you’ll find plenty of inspiration here to create something new and exciting. We’ve got you covered with our handmade crafts, from a bookmark to ring jewellery or a selection of writing pens.

Customer Satisfaction

We work for the customer; first and foremost, our goal is to satisfy our customers. We refuse to settle for anything less than perfect customer satisfaction.

Product Quality, we are uncompromising in our commitment to quality. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with our goods. We are constantly striving to improve our product line and increase your satisfaction.

The company values customer feedback both here and on social media pages.

sheila m.
sheila m.
Verified ownerVerified owner

I was having difficulty finding a suitable gift, made in England, for a french friend. Luckily I came across this site and have purchased a beautifully designed and crafted pen “Made in England”, unlike the Parker pen that I was considering which was made in France!

7 months ago
Lisa K.
Lisa K.
Verified ownerVerified owner

It’s great

8 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Your workmanship is impeccable. I purchased as a gift for a friend- I may need to purchase another one for myself!

1 year ago

Delivery Details

If we show our unique designs in stock, they are ready for shipping. Please allow a few days for wood preparation and finishing for custom work or engraving. Once ready, we will send you an email confirmation with a tracking number.