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Beautiful Ballpoint, Fountain, Rollerballs With Exotic Wood Or Colourful Resin

Wooden Pens

Our Beautiful handmade wood pens created in our shop right here in the United Kingdom. These come in a variety of materials, including, resin and various colour options. Wooden ballpoint pens either twist or retractable, single barrel or two, your choice. Over, two hundred wooden pens for sale we have a large choice to like in stock. They are well balanced for a better feel and grip in your hand. And, have a luxurious weight about them.

They make perfect gifts and some also come in impressive gift sets. These come with retractable mechanical pencil along with the wooden pen, nicely packaged which makes a nice presentation.

Our writing instruments are crafted and turned on an old lathe. We turn wood to perfection and add final touches. Our glaze effect is a hard durable CA glue, to protect them from the hardware of daily use. Traditional woodturning coatings will wear off within hours on a warm day leaving a sticky mess on the wood. Our coating ensures the natural beauty lasts a lifetime. This process is a fine craft practiced over many years to perfection.

Wooden Fountain Pen Collection

Mankind has used wood for over 5000 years for good reason. A versatile renewable resource, low carbon footprint, easy workability. Craftsmanship that has taken years to perfect is where we are today with each wooden fountain pen. All custom made in our Northamptonshire workshops. None posted or posted with a choice selection of exotic rosewood or temperate maple wood. Did you even realise the colour choice available in wood? Everything from green, pink to dark red and all natural on these handmade wooden pens. custom wooden fountain pen.

Each one turned on a lathe with at least two days in making before the high-quality gold accents are added. Exotic woods sourced from all over the world carefully selected for figure and suitability before work starts. Some may consider our finish odd, yes we use superglue hard and durable. Using space age technology abrasives to work and polish to perfection.

Luxury fountain pens are still in demand today as ever they were. With lots of advantages in use, improving handwriting for the best pen experience. No fatigue or death grip needed here, just enjoy the balance and fluid motion. Topping things off free shipping possible over £60.

If you can’t find anything you like, message us about custom wooden pens. The pictured wood fountain pen a special customer request with african blackwood with contrasting chrome plating. With a selection to choose from, see our handmade wooden fountain pens with features any collector will love.

Large range of colourful ink and something to be cherished for passing on to the next generation. Little to go wrong with easy wooden pen maintenance. If you wear out the high-quality iridium nib, we can replace it.


custom wooden fountain pen

What Our Customers Say

JulieCocobolo Wood Pen
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Fast dispatch, gorgeous item. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Susan CostelloMasur Birch Wooden Ballpoint Pen
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Beautifully crafted pen. Looks very classy and puts my other writing equipment in the shade. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
HelenHandmade Wenge Wooden Fountain Pen
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Beautiful pen just as the photo. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Laura GrahamExotic Mahogany Wood Pen
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Lovely quality and prompt delivery ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amazing Ideas

We offer an extensive selection of fine wooden pieces.. Many of our products come with a nice box for an awesome presentation. Finding that perfect present for someone special can exhaust, however, our designs will please. Browse our incredible handcrafted pen selection. Look at our amazing product area where you will find a sampling of various products we offer. Be sure to look around as we offer unique items all crafted in the UK.

We offer wine stoppers, nutcrackers, wall art and our infamous line of awesome pens. Our pens come in a variety of woods and resins. We adorn various metal components before we add the fine protective coat. Each piece that comes out of our workshop is indeed usable works of art.

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British Made Pens

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