5 Reasons People Love Small Wooden Gifts

Of all design materials available on earth, wood, has proven to be one of man’s favourites. And there are many reasons for this. The appeal it offers have been hard to surpass for countless years. Considering that man has been exploring lumber over a long period (since the start of any civilization).

It’s rather interesting that it’s still used now and even enjoys a lot of enthusiasm from many. Therefore, some call it a timeless resource, they wouldn’t be wrong to say so at all. At one time they used everything from a tree, in our workshop, we try to use all offcuts hence our small gift ideas.

From the days of cavemen using it in pursuit of prey to these days adopting it for crafting furniture, timber has always availed itself as a material of great utility. But not appreciated just for its utility, it brings much more to the table. In the hands of fine craftsmen, a brilliant finish, with its beauty, will leave you with mouth agape.

One such a place to see craftsmanship described above is at our website. In this online shop, one can always find unique designs that are sure to blow your mind.

Wooden Presents

Wine Toppers

Who doesn’t like a fine-looking wine box or a glittering pen or even wooden bottle stoppers? Worth noting that they still make perfect presents even now. Folk of all age brackets and from every walk of life cannot but cherish them as presents. The big question here is why is this so? Why do we all still cherish objects formed from a tree despite how prevalent this material is in nature?

Although the answer may be different for many, there might be certain few points that resonate with everyone. I will discuss five in the following paragraphs.

Sheer Natural Beauty

With the subject gifted, regardless of value, if they don’t look great, they may fall short of the intended effect. Human beings are a visual species. Presents built with timber handle this well, special aesthetics this offers scarce anywhere else.

Enchanted, not only does it offer visual beauty, it brings textural elegance with it. Countless finishes that artists produce leave you with such a wide variety of choices. The good bit is whatever you go with, it’s hard to go wrong. Brown shade of elegance and class is hard to ignore by even least enthusiastic amongst us. If a beautiful gift is what you are after (and you are), tiny little gift ideas for adults the perfect option.

It’s hard to see anyone of any age bracket who doesn’t respond to the look and feel. They even try to achieve this appearance with their mobile phone skins.

Their Uniqueness

Having said about the beauty of wood, it’s necessary to talk another reason.

When your birthday or celebration approaches you want a fantastic token. But the bit with these, the ones you love most are the ones that surprise; or you were not expecting. And most times, the probability is high you weren’t expecting a ballpoint. They are not objects you get every day. Unique tokens show that the person giving them put thought into it: a wonderful gesture which everyone admires.

One other matter about these items is that they scream novelty. And the truth is the person whom you’re; giving them appreciates this novelty. Even if the gift is different, presenting them in a beautiful wooden box is a game changer. Long-lasting impression guaranteed on a 5th anniversary or father’s day. It stands out from the usual cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and the rest. Because we don’t do this often, yours stands out even before it gets opened.

Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.


Custom Designed

If wood’s not unique enough (in case you’re more the perfectionist), there’s still room to add uniqueness to the equation. One sure way to do this, personalise or customize it. A generic present is appropriate but you can take it further by inscribing a message on your anniversary gift. A name or few chosen words inscribed will leave an even deeper impression on the receiver’s mind. Wood allows for customization of every degree. You could make a light inscription on a wedding gift made of wood or carve a short message from wood. Whatever you decide, a personalised gift is always a thoughtful idea.

With custom items, the liberty is even more. You can choose wood used, treatment given and even the finish done. The possibilities limitless with each change giving a new appearance.

Plastic Waste Rubbish


They might not sell many of us on this point but valid all the same. The environment is suffering much these days. Many of our activities as humans keep threatening the earth and its resources. And on a rather trivial note, you do not want your gift to someone dear to you being part of these activities. If you somehow agree with all of this, then handmade the perfect resort.

No matter your inclinations, going for an environment friendly option always the right choice.

Little related to wood processing harmful for the environment.

This cannot said true, for the other options which include plastics. We know that plastics are not the best for us.

Recycled Timber

We relate this point to the previous one made earlier on. The good news about our designs, is that it never becomes a necessity for us to do away with them. Take a writing implement for example. Even when the ink is out, because of its uniqueness, one might still hold on to it and admire it daily. We know they can last a long time unless broken. With a wooden gift box, someone can use it for various purposes as deemed fit. I have even seen many DIY tutorials with wooden bottle stoppers, recycled in resourceful ways.

In other cases, I can remake them into something else different. Wood is wood and anyone who knows what they are doing can craft it. A little saw in hand and some magic can emerge. But nothing beats expertise of a skilled professional.

Timber Stacked

Material Durability

While talking about reusability, it is also necessary to mention durability.

Wood is a rugged material. Giving a wood present means that the person can keep them for a long time. Many even pass it on to their families.

What’s not to like about wood? They have passed the test of beauty, uniqueness, customizability and recyclability. These might not be the only lot worthy of mention. In comparison with the utility they offer, they are budget friendly and affordable. At an affordable price, one can get a durable and long-lasting present. During this time, if the wood well polished and taken care, it is not to lose face value at all.

Love For Wood

As we can see, we have made the case for small gifts. The exclusivity they offer is a hard deal to surpass. Now with wooden bottle stoppers making a comeback, now might be the time to gift them to a colleague, an old friend or relative. Also, the variety of wooden ballpoint pens available these days is phenomenal. Novelty pens might be the most attractive of the lot. The Golden Chinese Dragon Rollerball by us is a complete beauty to behold. And even if novelty is not your choice, there are also hand made fountain pens and ballpoints capable of matching your taste.

The passion for wood and romantic wooden gifts is not new. It has always existed and will not cease. This is true now that better thoughts and concepts are being developed and incorporated into classy premium objects. The entire article a little attempt to justify this passion. So, next time you get someone a gift, get it personalized, what else more considerate than a well-crafted piece of nature?

Have I missed any or did this inspire you? Leave your comments below please.

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