Image Gallery

The image gallery is where we like to show off our talents with some of our favourite art pieces. We love what we do, and it shows with all the unique gifts we have created over the years. Getting that perfect look each time takes a particular skill and practice. And, we love how some of these come out. The resins’ various colour combinations are just gorgeous and the watch parts pen, although labour intensive was stunning and perfect.

Yes, each watch part was hand-selected and put onto the shaft of the pen carefully, but the hard part was the finish. Some of these are a labour of love, and we love how they look all pictured together. We work with only the finest materials to bring you some of the best handcrafted designs around—the craftsmanship shows we love what we do.

We love our gallery and hope you enjoy some of these amazing images. Be sure to check back often as it is truly an amazing place to see what we have been up to. We love to design, create and show off our favourites and amazing woodworking talent and hope you enjoy it too.