Free Postage On All Writing Implements Over £60.00 Across United Kingdom

We all know that one person in our lives that buy everything they want. Yep, it is impossible to find something special. They own it all. But our handmade crafts shop perfect for these people. Using selected woods for character, figure or just the beautiful colours.

Our designs and craft made right here in our own workshop in the United Kingdom. We sell unique products online you will find nowhere else. These all handcrafted items with years of practice to get the finishes perfect. There are gift ballpoint pens and custom fountain pens.

Our handmade wooden razors are perfect for men and women with replaceable heads but the handle will last a long time. And, the balance of our razor handles is amazing.  When you are holding our pens or razor handles, you are holding a quality craft piece. We finish all our handmade crafts to last.

We also offer beautiful letter openers and wooden pen sets that contain a pen and pencil. Many of our handmade designs come in a nice gift box and are ready for gift giving.  However, you can always splurge on yourself in our gifts store.  We have home decor and turned pieces, such as wine stoppers, cologne atomisers and much more.



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