Best Gift Ideas for your Wife: Valentines Day Gifts for Wife

Best Gift Ideas for your Wife: Valentines Day Gifts for Wife

Valentines Day has come a long way in recent years as an expression of love with all the trappings of romantic gifts and cards. Long past a humble handmade card expressing an anonymous admiration for the woman in your life.

14th of February is the feast of St Valentine (a Christian martyr). In England (according to Chaucer), the day on which birds choose their mates.

It now means sweetheart or lover. The feast represents an opportunity for you to say how much you adore her with a small token. But how do you make it significant? How do you provide unique Valentines Day gifts for your wife without looking as if you bought something generic? Or as if you are going through a routine with no real thought?

What gift to give wife on valentine’s day?

Put the sparkle back in her eyes, surprising her with the perfect gift. Here are twenty-eight Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her to get your brain working on finding the memorable for the love of your life.

Everlasting Valentine gift

1: An Everlasting Rose

Hang on a minute-how trite, is that? Everyone knows that red roses are for the 14th, so the supermarkets are full of them, and the cost of floral arrangements goes up. But this is different-instead of a live bouquet; you can seek a perpetually blooming plant for inside or outside. You can pay a lot (over £100) for a gorgeous Swarovski quartz rosebud. Or a more modest amount (around £15) for a handcrafted wrought iron flower.

Roses are an iconic symbol of affection and are often sculpted from fabric, recycled metal, crystal, ceramic and wax. You can find a decorative item that will perpetually bloom and delight your spouse at any budget range.

red flowery gifts

2: A Living Flower

You can choose a rose bush for the flowerbed or a miniature for inside the house if you plan. Many have names, and you can match the name to your better half for a personalised gift. You can go a step further with “name your own”. It is more challenging as you grow it from seed, but you can then register it with the Amore Rose Registry. You will pay well under £20 for this unique experience. It may be a typical romantic gift, but you can still twist it to make it different.

Luxury chocolates, Valentine's idea

3: Premium Chocolates

Chocolates are a cliché but enhance your mood, melts in your mouth, and is the snack of choice by most wives, with few exceptions. Confectionary as an item is universally popular, but consider artisan infused sweets raising your game. Keeping with the theme, consider the award-winning Pink Champagne Truffles from Lick the Spoon or handcrafted chef-created sweet delicacy’s from T&M Artisan Choc-o-late.

scented valentine soaps

4: Silky Smooth Soap

Hand made soap and infused bath bombs is a big and little business. You can buy from a small soap maker on Etsy or indulge in a Spa chain’s range for a relaxing weekend. When it comes to finding a deluxe bath bomb or soap, consider the following:

  • Ingredients-rose oil is suitable for sensitive and older skin, but other ingredients have valuable properties.
  • Scent: a significant part of the experience; most women have a favourite fragrance.
  • Shapes-you can buy handmade flowers and hearts, which fit beautifully with the theme.

Combine your handmade soap with a soap dish that allows the soap to dry between washes and prolongs its lifetime. A wood rack or a ceramic plate with holes (for drainage) and feet work best after a soak in the bathtub.

Valentine candles

5: Sexy Candle Magic

Dining by candlelight on your next date night is romantic. You have a broad range of decorative or scented candles. Tealight holders or scented wax melts fit with the day’s sentiment. If you want to avoid a naked flame, consider a battery-operated light set. They offer you the glow and atmosphere without the burning wax and the need for a fire extinguisher. Concentrate on the candle holders beauty. Turkish glass sets are exotically coloured and fit almost every décor.

6: Carved Welsh Love Spoons

It is an old tradition, and nothing says it more than a Welsh love spoon unless you choose to hire a plane to write it in the sky. Everything from a conventional design or commission a personalized design, including significant symbols, to your own story.

Wooden tokens for her

7: Wooden Hearts

A wood heart is another lover’s classic. You can create a sentimental token to keep in a pocket or on a chain by choosing significant woods. Birth woods are one choice, but you can consider the language of plants and choose:

  • Rosewood -association with compassion and loving. Hazel, Walnut, or any other nut tree if you are still “nuts” about them.
  • Olive-peace, fertility, wisdom, luck, and friendship.
  • Fruit woods-for abundance and happiness.

8: Shaped Locket

The beauty of a pendant is that you can carry a reminder of those dear to you. You can buy a simple pendant that holds a couple of pictures or folds out to reveal an entire family of memories. A nice touch is to cut a piece out of an old map showing a significant location. The place you proposed as the filler?

Pen and journal, Valentine gifts

9: A Pen and Journal

Despite the rise of digital media, handwriting is the best way of capturing your thoughts, plans, and dreams. A beautiful handwriting pen set enhances the affair of keeping a notebook. It can be a daily diary, allow you to create a list or record your travels. If you have an unforgettable holiday or event, notes to help in the planning are thoughtful for the organised or sentimental.

Picnic basket for a Valentine's

10: Picnic Basket

You pay quite a bit more for a stylish picnic basket because of the additional work involved. A deluxe picnic basket encourages both of you to pack a mini feast. Enjoy each other’s company on a date in some beautiful picnic spots, either near or far from your home. Your picnic basket could launch a new tradition for you both.

You can still source a picnic basket without the hefty price tag of a fancy basket. There are plenty of amazing picnic baskets for couples under £30. That leaves enough change in the budget for an excellent wine to toast the sunset, don’t forget the blanket.

11: Tea for Two

China sets are practical and beautiful. You can find any design from a stacking travelling set to a pretty vintage collection featuring hearts and flowery designs. If your partner enjoys a brew, a set you can share is a charming idea. An alternative is to go for high tea and share a selection of bite-sized snacks. Conversation with tea for two in the finest hotel in town, perhaps?

shaped spoons

12: Heart-Shaped Spoons

Many manufacturers offer a range of spoons for teas, coffee, or dessert. When you have spent years buying for your friend, it helps to think about everyday items with a loving twist. You can acquire teaspoons, measuring spoons (put love into every dish), and pot spoons. If you prefer vintage or antique spoons, you need to start searching earlier. If you add a heartfelt spoon-you have plenty of choices.

classic songs

13: Music Box

“If music be the food of love, play on”–obtain a music box. Your spouse gets to hear your particular tune forever. The wonder of technology means you can present her with a fully customised musical movement-decoration and song or video. The digital age means you can record your voice singing your tune to make her smile, laugh, or cry, depending on your singing quality.

14: Personal Jigsaw

Do you have a significant photograph or place? You can custom print your own jigsaw puzzle on timber or card, making it absolutely one-of-a-kind. Turn the completed jigsaw into a table mat or picture, depending on your preference. Glue the completed jigsaw onto a magnetic board for a personal noticeboard celebrating a shared memory.

female portrait

15: Commission a Portrait

Every guy with a phone is a photographer; that is one of the big changes that modern technologies bring to the world. Despite the plethora of snaps and images, there is still room for that exceptional picture-either a studio photograph or in paint. Nothing says “I love you” quite as much as a desire to immortalize their image forever.

Red lingerie idea for her

16: Lingerie

Luxurious underwear is always welcome if you have the sizes right. Do your detective work and double-check the labels on clothes, bra, and pants for the correct size. If you buy too big or small, you are setting yourself up for tears on date night. Alternatively, opt for funny and cheeky pants with a sense of humour. But whether you purchase jokes or silk, the correct fitting is essential.

17: Theme Jumper

Now everyone is into the Christmas jumper; you can find plenty of jumper designs. Funny, rude, or sweetly passionate, and Etsy have themed sweaters. If you want a practical jumper with an all round appeal, shop for a Fair-Isle or Scandinavian design featuring hearts in the coloured bands.

champagne flutes

18: Fizzing with Joy

Something pinkish and bubbly is another traditional item. It has the advantages of being welcome and delicious. You can add a pair of ornamental flutes to the present, but most are happy with their preferred alcoholic sparkle. It may be a tradition and expected, but cold fizz is always welcome.

Bento style lunch

19: Special Lunch Box

You can get absolutely anything in any style if you look hard enough. The rise in popularity of bento-style boxes means a uniquely shaped box on is affordable and cute. Reminding her every breaktime she eats at the office or on travels.

Aromatherapy jewellery necklaces
Click for info

20: Aromatherapy Necklace

There is nothing more uplifting than being able to enjoy a personal cloud of fragrance without the harsh overtones of chemical air sprays. Aromatherapy necklaces use pure aromatherapy oils for them to choose a scent to match their mood.

21: Cute Hot Water Bottle

February is a cold month, prone to frosts and icy rain. This classic hot water bottle is ideal for providing a little extra warmth when you need it, latex-free and built to last. Alternatively, you can go looking for hand warmers for warm hands when out.

22: Digital Photo Frame

A digital media display lets you see your memorable photo’s, an updated way of displaying family pictures or your latest snaps. Most digital photo frames have other valuable functions like playing music or acting as an alarm clock. Their primary purpose is to provide you with a space to share your memories, even if only the two of you.

Garden lovers seat for Valentine's day?

23: Garden Loveseat

An outdoor seat allows both of you to enjoy a peaceful hour outside with your favourite drink. A seat promises a while to spend together in relaxed surroundings. It is ideal if she enjoys spending an afternoon peacefully outside.

24: Chocolate Fondue

Putting together a whole fondue set is the perfect way to indulge their fondness for chocolate. If you want to keep it in theme, look for heart marshmallows and fondue forks with appropriate handles for a sweet treat.

25: Magazine Subscription

There are hundreds of magazines catering to specialist interests that she’ll never see on the high street. Whatever interests they have, from astronomy to cake decorating, there is likely a digital or printed magazine. Subscribing to a magazine will bring an entire year’s enjoyment.

Music lessons for her

26: Musical Leanings

Perhaps your other half has always wanted to play a musical instrument? Most folks have a secret longing to play a musical instrument of some kind. Some have modest ambitions like wishing to master the pennywhistle, while others have a yearning to play a grand piano. So you have to know what musical instrument she wants to play. But music lessons are fantastic to create or reawaken an interest.

27: Piece Of Gold Jewellery

Jewelled items are affectionate tokens that women receive throughout their lives to celebrate special occasions and feelings. You could get jewelry for every available occasion, never giving a duplicate-but it would be a challenge to store it all.

A beaded bracelet falls into the category of fun but transitory, or valuable and permanent. You can give charming bracelet wearable as a lasting romantic token of your affection. You can choose a gift set, gold earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, anklets, piercings, and rings. You can get a modern heart-shaped jewellery piece or classic antique from Etsy. When you can, give a sentimental keepsake with deeper significance tagged to collective memories.

sky diving

28: Experience

The best gift is a memory she’ll hold in her heart. You can create your encounter by visiting a new place on a mini-break. Or opt for an organised event like handling hawks or drift racing. As more people reach peak stuff in their lives, they opt for a thoughtful gift to build memories and learn new skills.

Five Terrible Valentine Gifts For Her

If they have explicitly asked for one of the following, then it can be the best idea, but otherwise, avoid:

Weight loss program, bad idea for Valentine's day

#1 Signing Up for a Weight Loss Program: They may be more of an armful than when you first met. But this is not the occasion to suggest that she needs to change her body. If she wants to lose weight, she will sign up for her own weight loss program. If she is currently trying to lose weight, then support her goals by not buying chocolate or alcohol-stick with non-edible treats.

exercise bike

#2 Exercise Equipment: Unless she has begged for an exercise bike, avoid this category. However, you intend to express your care; this comes across as implied criticism rather than the best for her.

#3 Sensible Underwear: No female welcome’s sensible underwear from her husband. Today is about romance and loving-that means frills, lace, and a bit of gentle humour. Your girlfriend might be the most practical person on the planet. But when it comes to a valentine’s day gift idea for a woman, she expects frivolity and fun with a personal appeal.

#4 Random Perfume: It doesn’t matter how expensive it is; she will hate it if it is not her preferred scent. Perfumes change on a lady’s skin, and the smell is uniquely personal. The scent is lovely, but forget surprising her with a french fragrance you don’t know for a fact is her favourite.

If she doesn’t have (as far as you know, a preference), take her to the shops for that expensive aroma. That way, she’ll get the pleasure of shopping and trying on a range of fragrances. Plus, she will wear the eau de toilette she likes rather than it expensively evaporating on a shelf. Better invest time together on a great gift that delights rather than an expensive surprise that flops.

#5 Practical House Gifts: This is onetime when she expects affection-like all the other partners and girlfriends out there. It is time to wine, dine, and spoil her with an impractical but meaningful valentines gift. A new iron, toaster, or vacuum cleaner will hardly win you a husband of the year award. Household items are only acceptable if they bring an enjoyable element into her world.

What story is more satisfying than yours?

The ideal gift is not the most expensive because the valentine’s present is only a placeholder for your thoughts. If you have a small budget, you can still create a memorable moment for loved ones when giving with your heart. Ideas for breakfast in bed or go for a walk on the beach for good memories.

The best Valentine’s gift for her is the thought, care, and attention you put in to show you affection. Make your own fantastic story and enjoy the moment.

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