32 best ideas how to celebrate 5th wedding anniversary

How To Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary: 32 Best Ideas

If you ask any married couples around, they will tell you that each wedding anniversary is a milestone in their marriage. Anniversaries need to be recognized and celebrated. Now let’s talk about the 5 year wedding anniversary. A unique moment in any couple’s life holding a special meaning, just like the 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th wedding anniversaries.

What is the 5th wedding anniversary meaning?

This time in a couple’s life is known as the ‘wood’ anniversary. Like it was traditionally, couples used to gift each other a wooden anniversary gift. As time went by, they introduced other gift ideas. There are symbols associated with this day you can incorporate into your celebrations and when selecting gifts.

5th year anniversary symbols

*Traditional Anniversary Gift–Wood

Strong, durable and long-lasting wood has lots of valuable qualities. Wood anniversary gifts for wife symbolizes a strong bond, stability, and a solidified relationship. Possibilities with wood anniversary ideas are endless.

Wooden gifts for husband and wife were common in ancient times. They still hold an important meaning in modern times. Wooden anniversary gifts to this day are still used to celebrate anniversaries.

Wood is very flexible, and you can come up with creative designs and make a nice gift yourself. Let’s look at different wood gift ideas you can come up with.

  • Bonsai plant is always green: As a five year anniversary gift, it can be the perfect symbol for a long-lasting relationship!
  • Wood furniture: Get furniture depending on how your partner likes it.
Pine Wax Melts
  • Pine scented Candles: Homemade and smell just like pine.
  • Figurines: Choose ones that represent both of you.
  • Choose preferred woody fragrances from the many perfumes that have woody scents.
  • Plaque: Get these specifically for the occasion.

*Modern gift–Silverware: Silver tableware represents a modern gift for the 5th anniversary. It is a reminder of the connection you created when sharing meals with your children. If your spouse is not comfortable with silver, stick to the traditional 5 year anniversary gifts for the big day!

Suggestions for the silverware modern gift
  • Silver bracelet: Get your spouse a long-lasting bracelet. To make it unique, have a message engraved on it.
  • A ring: Choose a lovely silver ring and buy it to remind them they are still special to you.
  • Tableware: Forks, spoons, bowls, platters, trays, etc.
  • Corkscrew: A bottle of wine would be a great idea to go with this gift.
Sapphire Jewellery


Sapphire is a hard stone with a history going back to the Biblical times. It’s believed the earth rested on a huge piece, and the tables of the ten commandments were created out of it. It is a symbol of wisdom, virtue, good fortune and holiness. The best ideas for sapphire gifts involve jewelry earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

* Flowers–Daisies

Daisies are the perfect flowers for a fifth wedding anniversary gift. They symbolize love, purity, innocence, and loyalty. We all know that women get impressed by a bouquet. Searching for the perfect anniversary wedding flora makes her happy that you value the moment! 

* The 5th-anniversary colours are pink, turquoise and blue.

Best ways to celebrate a 5 year anniversary?

This day being so unique and memorable, it’s very important to celebrate together to create more valuable memories. You can opt to go traditional, using the symbols mentioned earlier as an inspiration for your fifth anniversary celebration.

1. Plant a tree

It doesn’t matter where you plant the tree. You can plant it at home in the backyard, nearby school, or churchyard. Different trees have different symbolic meanings as follows;

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  • A pine tree: This represents the long-lasting and evergreen relationship you both have.
  • An oak tree: This symbolizes the solidity of the relationship.
  • A flowering crab tree: This one represents love in eternity.
  • A flaming red maple: This signifies the flaming love and passion you have towards one another.
Romantic Meal

2. Arrange For A Special Dinner

A well-planned dinner could incorporate so many ideas with a 5 year anniversary gift for husband. This is where you get to use your best silverware and the traditional colours as the theme of the dinner table. Daisies flower arrangements for the dinner incorporating some springs of wood.

For dinner, try to cook the meals you used to cook during the first days of your marriage. Help each other in buying the ingredients and preparing the food too. A fun and cheap idea to rekindle the flame of your relationship. Alternatively, find a new, different meal to prepare and do it jointly.

3. Countryside Walk

An outing in a wooded park, forest, or arboretum? Enjoy the greenery view as you spend quality time together.

4. Grab Some Good Wine

Enjoy a good vintage pinot noir. A wine aged 5 years would be the perfect selection. Toast to life and good health, hoping your love grows stronger, like the trees surrounding you.

5. A Top Show

A movie, a sports event, theater, concert, etc. Make out in the theatre like you used to do while you were dating. This helps you add a romantic touch to your day.

6. Photo Shoot Session

A photography session is another great idea for celebrating the fifth wedding anniversary. Book a professional photographer to make memories of you both for future remembrance.

7. Photo Location

Hold this photoshoot in a place that means a lot to you and your spouse. It could be the place you originally met, where you had your first kiss or the church you wedded.

Take selfies and ask a passerby to take photos of you. Keep these snaps in an anniversary scrapbook for memories.

8. Gift Experience?

Look forward to new experiences. Do not just do the normal things you do every other anniversary. Get fresh ideas and explore them.

10. Viewing The Video

You can spend some time watching your wedding video. Taking that video meant that you could later enjoy it. You can also view a video of your favourite vacation or any other memorable occasion. Look through your wedding album plus additional photos of you and rekindle the memories.

11. Give Each Other Thoughtful Gifts

Let the gift match the anniversary year. If you are giving out roses, give out five roses. Be creative and come up with great gift ideas.

12. Spend Time Together On This Day

It’s important you even take a day off work, put your cell phones off and concentrate on just the two of you. Do away with any distractions. If you have children, get someone to watch over them during this time. Make sure you celebrate life as that is what the anniversary is all about.

13. Massage

Convert your bedroom into a massage room. Gather the required massage oils, turn the lights off and use some romantic candles. Give each other quality massage sessions. Take a shower together after the massage, get physical and enjoy your moments in the bathtub.

14. First Date

There would be no harm in creating your first date. Do the things you did back then, enjoy eating the same foods, etc. This helps rekindle the sweet memories and bring the love back.

15. Romantic Music

If you both have a favourite song, arrange how it plays as you are together, either at dinner, on a date or relaxing at home. If this doesn’t happen often, they’ll be thrilled that you still remember.


16. Renew Vows

Some couples renew their vows on the anniversary day. Invite family and friends to come to enjoy with you as you celebrate your anniversary.

17. Romantic Break

Plan for a camping getaway. If camping is not your thing, you can book a room for a romantic night away.

Gift Ideas For 5th Wedding Anniversary

* Wooden gift ideas

We have some beautiful handcrafted wooden gift ideas to consider during the 5th anniversary as follows;

1. Wristwatch

If your partner loves watches, then a wooden watch makes the perfect gift for him or her during your anniversary wedding. Have the watch personalised with some loving words on the back, making it significant?

2. Anniversary Photo

Engrave a good message into the wood frame and incorporate favourite photographs. You could get this picture from your wedding album or another of your better half.

3. Personalized Flower Vase

You can present the 5th-anniversary arrangement in a personalized flower vase to your spouse. Have a good ‘I love you’ message engraved on it to keep in the theme. You can also make it simple with just a heart motif engraving.

4. Handcrafted Wooden Accessories

There are various handcrafted accessories such as pens, desk clocks, letter openers, etc.

They are made from exotic hardwoods, so a good 5th anniversary gift to your significant other.

Wooden Keyrings

5. Jigsaw Piece Keyrings

It might seem small, but it matters a lot as a gift. These key rings symbolize completeness when you are together. You will both have something that connects you.

6. Jewellery Box

Jewellery makes the perfect gift for your woman during the anniversary celebration. What about a nice wooden box to store the Jewellery? They come in different styles, sizes and prices to suit your comfort. Give her this gift and allow her to enjoy the feeling of having her pieces of jewelry held in place. Wooden products to stay on the theme of the day.

7. Wooden Initials

You could have your initials crafted to make an amazing wedding anniversary gift. They are stable, and something to display standing on a shelf or anywhere you deem fit. They can personalize to include your names or any other message of your choice.

8. Engraved Garden Swing

Make your moments of the 5th anniversary special with this swing. Add cuteness to your garden, and your children will enjoy swinging on it. Have your family’s name engraved or any other message you prefer?

9. A Birdhouse

This works best for pet lovers who keep birds in their homes. It makes a lovely gift you could handcraft yourself.

10. Personalized Collar Stiffeners & Cufflinks

The perfect gift for him if his shirt requires him to wear collared shirts. They are small gifts that mean a lot on such a special day.

* Other Gift Ideas Include;

-Wooden baskets, wine rack, croquet set, personalized heart coasters, etc.

-Men can buy their ladies’ sexy lingerie with a sweet message note attached.

-Buy a new outfit for each other and plan to go out for some fun.

As We Wrap up;

A 5th wedding anniversary deserves you to celebrate in a memorable way. Before purchasing or handcrafting any gift, know what your partner likes. It’s not a rule that gifts should be something woody or made of gemstones; it all depends on the person.

But it’s a good idea to make the anniversary wedding special and in line with the tradition of woods and sapphires. The symbolism matters a lot. Wood symbolizes the solidity and stability of the union. A set of silverware brings a sense of freshness to the home and symbolises strength.

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