36 incredible useful christmas gifts for men

36 Incredible Useful Christmas Gifts for Men

Holiday season is coming, and although the men in your life don’t demand unique gifts, you will find them because good gifts for men mean more than the object.

Beautifully wrapped and presented your carefully chosen gift idea for hubby (partner, boyfriend, brother, son, nephew, colleague, friend, and so many more people) expresses your relationship and affection.

How many men are on your checklist? Is it hard to buy for them? Most of us (including men shopping for another man) find it hard to get perfect gifts. Traditional clothes, gizmos, alcohol and foodstuff may fit the bill, but incredible gifts for dad are rare.

Searching out useful Christmas gifts for him takes an age. We struggle when busy with all our other seasons’ preparations. We settle for what is available.

It’s disappointing when we want merchandise that surprises and delights us by being usable, relevant and different from the mundane choices. But, there are plenty of amazing brands in the UK-adopt a strategic approach making things easier, and you’ll have it wrapped up and stress-free.

Buying Presents for Men-the Strategic Approach

The longer you know a man, especially those close to you, like a significant other or brother, the harder it is to find anything. What he needs-he’s got. What he wants-he buys for himself. Everyone knows men just like the impossible man.

Then there are the younger single men (sons, nephews, boyfriends) who usually get practical gifts, but occasionally an unplanned surprise is welcome. Finally, there are men you buy for that you don’t know well, a new friend or distant relatives.

Christmas Gift Shopping For Men

Best Strategies

  • Upgrade to a higher-quality price replacement.
  • Identify merchandise he uses that needs constant replenishment.
  • Items he needs when he can’t afford them.
  • More of what he already owns or collects.
  • Look for something original or unusual.
  • Invest in training to treat him.
  • Buy for someone else (seriously).

These strategies help you source useful Christmas gift ideas for men.

Best Strategy for Different Men

The strategies for impossible men are upgrades, experiences or donations. Need gifts for your husband or a family friend you have known for a long time-try something novel to surprise him.

If you purchase something for the younger male, he needs or wants but can’t afford the way to go. There are oodles of cool gifts for men you love if you look around.

Replace and Upgrade

Replace and upgrade is an idea for men that works well for the spouse or dad who has everything or the guy getting by on a tight budget.

Make the Daily Grooming Memorable

Most men shave from the first exciting few hairs on an upper lip to daily beard growth that puts a werewolf to shame. It’s an expensive activity because manufacturers are aware everyone needs their grooming products.

Useful Zebrano Shaving Gift Set

Our beautiful hand-crafted luxury razors accept most double-edged blades (widely available and cheaper than cartridge blades) for the best-ever wet shaving. A choice of handle materials from the cream imitation ivory to polished and exotic woods. Please browse our store for other practical wooden gifts.

They look and feel great, and every day he picks up the razor, he remembers the giver. Team the razor with a luxurious badger hairbrush, or go for the complete getup on a stand like the Zebrano Set.

Upgrade suggestions: handmade razor, badger brush, classic shaving tools.

Replenishment suggestions: soaps, aftershave gel, cologne-handmade and organic.

Slippers, Ties and Other Clothes

There are many jokes about always getting jumpers or socks on Dec 25th morning when you reach a certain age (or become a Dad). If you opt for an upgrade, the prosaic commonplace present is always useful gifts for guys.

Useful Mathias Slippers For Men


Not basic slippers, but handcrafted pure woollen slippers or warm sheepskin slippers. Luxury slippers with optional monogramming are almost as welcome as a hug.

The UK was a significant producer of footwear, and there are still pockets where the craft continues. These are not just slippers-they are handmade from pure British wool and fleeces.

Girton Sock Gifts For Him

Hosiery comes in endless variety and price points-mundane, sports, hiking, funny, quirky and sensible. When giving, give top-of-the-range luxury hosiery made from cashmere, cotton or bamboo. Or subscribe to a monthly delivery.

english silk tie


Ties speak volumes about the wearer, sometimes unintentionally for the man who needs to or enjoys wearing one. Upgrade to a handmade English silk tie for a classy tribute for that special man at the top of his game or working his way up the career ladder.

The trick to making an otherwise mundane piece of clothing extra-special is to pull out all the stops to upgrade it to the funniest or the most fabulous version you can find.


This strategy works perfectly for men you know well. Combine it with an upgrade strategy, and you will come up with awesome gifts.

Using your knowledge of the recipient, you can compile a checklist of what they like to eat, drink, wear or do. Then source something that fits but has a little additional magic.

Favoured Tipple

Vino Lovers: Many people love a lovely claret, so obtain a vintage wine or a carafe of wine and add accessories like a handcrafted wooden bottle stopper.

The best Christmas craft beer gifts for him

Specialized Brews: Selected craft beer or ciders with select accessories like a wooden bottle opener or an exclusive pint or cider glass for the beer lover.

Gin Lover: Big choice but consider a personalised gin glass. A selection of botanicals, mixers and a cocktail shaker for some exciting cocktail experiments or parties. After all, who doesn’t adore holiday cocktails?

Useful Jack Daniels Fountain And Rollerball Pens For Him

Classical Whiskey Man: An engraved hip flask, a stunning globe decanter or personalised whisky stones, if he hasn’t got one already. Whiskey lovers will appreciate the personal touch.

Teetotallers: Some men don’t consume alcohol for many reasons, and for them, there are botanicals, handcrafted soft drinks and tea.


Gourmet food satisfies the celebratory nature of Xmas. Think artisan rather than supermarket shelves. A do-it-yourself hamper or a carefully selected package will suit most men.

Small-scale artisan UK based producers make everything from delicious cheddar, cured meats, luxury chocolates to chillies (yes, there are UK chilli farms) and spice mixes. Read reviews for the lowdown and info online.

Useful Leather Man Gifts

Practical Christmas Gifts for men who

Garden: Shopping for the keen gardener is a joy as gloves, wellies, and seeds are easy to source. A customised dibber or custom plant labels are functional to any man who likes to spend all day in his garden.

Walk the dog: The dog walker will love new leads and collars to use with their hound, paired with a hip flask or thermos to keep him refreshed on the longer, colder dog walk. A fun toy is a gun that fires tennis balls for the energetic dog that runs and runs.

Play golf: Golf tees and balls are the ideal replenishment for the avid golfer because they break and get lost regularly.

Desirable Objects

Desirable objects are those brilliant tech items a man needs or wants but is unable (strict funds) or unwilling to pay for himself.

Christmas Camera Drone Gifts


Some desirable tech objects come into the funny or frivolous category—smart gadgets for the tech lover who takes pictures. A camera mounted on a drone captures images you can’t get any other way-an an aerial view of your garden. They are easily controlled by your phone or tablet.

The wireless technology now allows you to have a pocket-sized drone at a reasonable cost. Although a bird’s-eye view of the top of a mature gentleman’s head might not please him, it’s memorable.

He has fun learning to fly and takes excellent pictures and videos. Lots of info and product review’s help to select the best price model on amazon.

Coffee Maker

When it comes to useful gifts for men, the lineup is endless. Think about the guy who loves his coffee. He may have a cafeteria, but does he have a machine? Pods are expensive, although convenient, but you can get an appliance that accepts a portion of aromatic beans. It turns them into superb coffee without fuss or drama.

Christmas Coffee Beans For Men

Throw in a coffee subscription for beans roasted here in the UK into your gift basket to delight the drinker every day for years, not only at Xmas.


A sundial suits any garden and provides a talking point. Instead of a sundial, think about a birdbath or ornament. It’s a big present, and for the man who cherishes time spent in his garden, it is something that he can enjoy for years.

If you have a chance, commission a handcrafted sundial with a special message for a memorable moment.

More Means More

Getting more of what he already has is tricky, but you will show him you love and care if you get it right.


Useful Wooden Cufflinks For Him

Is he a dapper gent dressing in a double-cuffed shirt with cufflinks? He has a few cufflinks already, but cufflinks are to men what earrings are to women. You’ve always got room for another pair. Quirky, expensive, charming and personal cufflinks are ideal incidentally if you are looking for classy cufflinks.

leather wallet

Leather wallet

Are you tired of looking for affordable Christmas gifts? This leather wallet is perfect for your loved one. It’s a beautiful, high-quality item that will last for years. Made from soft, genuine leather, this flap wallet is durable and long-lasting. It comes in either black or brown, and it has multiple compartments for your cash, cards, etc.

Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

A hands-free Bluetooth beanie is a great gift idea for the deserving guy in your life. If he is the adventurous or outdoorsy guy having his favourite tunes or podcast playing on the go will allow him to focus on his job or winter activity while feeling like he is wearing nothing at all.

Collectors and Hobbyists

The collector and the geek are always tricky for a surprise because they are the experts. You risk purchasing them one of what they already have or inferior (in their eyes) goods.

These men often have a series of “wants”, but that doesn’t help with surprising them. Before you can put their present in the bag and wrap it up, you need to think outside the box.

You can buy or commission many handcrafted items customised to your passion. A wooden pen, perhaps, engraved with a message. Or unusual gifts for the man cave or man corner.

This present could range from storage solutions to decorative objects. Thoughtful gifts depend on the nature of their passion for doing or collecting.

New and Unique

This strategy involves finding something that introduces an original thought or activity.

Micro Brewery Tour Gifts

Discover Home Grown Beer, Wines, Whiskeys, Gins, Meads and Ciders.

The UK is home to many distilleries, craft beer brewers, and Fruit and Country Wines makers based in England and Wales. Their wares come packed as boxes or individual bottles to package yourself. Team your beer gifts with our superb stoppers or openers for an added surprise.

Whisky (the water of life) is not a uniquely Scottish product; there are two distilleries in Wales and another in Dartmoor, whose first distillation is one of a kind.
If G&T is your man’s tipple of choice, then why not create your personal blended gin? Craft gins are trendy, and micro-distilleries offer boxed sets, tours and the chance to handcraft your very own gin.

Fruit and country wines are now award-winning rather than an uncle’s suspect offering with demijohns and fermenting buckets. There are many excellent country winemakers, and these are superior wines with exciting flavours.

Surprise your man with a home-grown version of their favourite cold beverage. Or an opportunity to peep behind the scenes with a guided visit for an unforgettable afternoon.

Useful Staff's and Walking Sticks For Him

Walking Sticks

Stick making is a popular and ancient craft in the UK, and the results are collectable and prized.

Walking sticks are the countryman’s friend and come in different shapes because of local woods and local trades. Popular with ramblers, Nordic walkers and foragers, there is a stick for every guy.

old timer carving jack gift for men

Whittling Kit

A carving jack is an inexpensive introduction to wood carving without the need to invest in chisels and gouges and a workbench. Look for one that uses a penknife as the whittling tool. Then he gets to carry a handy blade even if he chooses never to bless you with a handcrafted spoon.

dewalt cordless drill

Cordless drill

The power and versatility of the cordless drill make it an essential tool to have around for any homeowner or DIY person. While there are many options to choose from, performance, quality, and the user experience have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, so upgrade today.

Foodie Make Your Own Kits

A functional idea for the male friend who likes cookery or adores his cuisine. If you can think of artisan produce, you can probably get cookware and provisions for your man to have a go at making his own. Just add to your bag from these companies.

  • Sourdough Bread kits from the Sourdough Kitchen or the Wild Baker.
  • Organic vegan-friendly chocolates from the raw chocolate company
  • Cheese with, who else, but the Cheese Making Shop.
  • Trendy fermented foods with Freshly Fermented.

Or for the adventurous man, a Molecular Gastronomy Toolkit. Add a hand blender to prepare fat emulsions for strawberry buttercream or sweetening savoury dishes.

Original Christmas magazine subscription gifts


A Magazine annual subscription or a year’s membership to a society, organisation or place make cool gift ideas that deliver all year. A little detective work makes sure you don’t pick products they have already.

Precious Moments

Consider investing in encounters rather than objects for the man who has everything or is impossible to please. Admittedly, it is like giving him a rain check because he can’t use it on the day, but they come in all shapes and sizes.

Think about things he has always said he wants to do someday and see if it is possible to make that happen. Silverstone track activity days with professional tutors is a big favourite. A masterclass in his favourite subject, a surefire winner.

Useful Christmas Craft Workshops For Men

DIY Events

Not an opportunity for your spouse to learn some good skills like plumbing or bricklaying (though classes are available) but a pack you put together yourself. Your imagination and time (and your price point) is the only limit.

Some thoughts could include a nice minibreak. Book a stay at a B&B with tickets to a local theatre or book a favourite attraction tour. Or popcorn and cinema vouchers may be just the ticket for those seasons films.

Encounters with Animals

You don’t have to travel to meet exotic animals; he can have a shark diving encounter in a UK aquarium or invest in horse riding lessons or hawk flying.

Animal outings are readily packaged from an online supplier like Virgin Experience Days. Or, you can view your local wildlife locations and zoos to purchase direct.

Incredible Christmas Experience Days For Him

Adrenalin Junkies

The scope of heart-thumping exhilarating experiences is endless-hot-air balloon rides, abseiling, bungee jumping, flying a plane, train or car.

Our lives and memories fill with momentary experiences, and if he likes adventure and excitement, then there are top-notch encounters out there for him.

Learn Something

For a change of pace in the action market, what about gifting an advanced skill? Learning to play an instrument is excellent for the brain, and most men either want to or have played an instrument.

Christmas music lessons for him

A couple of taster sessions or music lessons for fun and your chosen instrument can be hired or borrowed.

Various workshops let him learn anything from forging steel, throwing a pot, tying a knot, painting some glass, or beekeeping. Workshop prices vary depending on the cost of materials and course length.

Some combine a weekend away as part of the package. Choose a masterclass, course, or tutor with an excellent review.

Finally, for the Impossible Man-Gift Someone Else

If none of these strategies for getting an ideal gift for a man is working, you’re frustrated and at your wit’s end-give to someone else. Go green planting some trees with the Woodland Trust (perhaps give him a wooden letter opener so he can open his thank-you letter with style).

Support a hospice or homeless shelter with a gift donation in his name. There are local and national charities that will appreciate contributions on the 25th.

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