Decorative Wine Stoppers
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Decorative Wine Stoppers

I make our decorative wine bottle stoppers similar to most of our other merchandise. We turn the woods on a lathe in our workshop in England. Yes, when you’re shopping with us you are supporting a local artist that has a dream to make timeless, beautiful pieces of art that people would cherish forever. We wanted to bring you an amazing hand craft that has been done for 100s of years.

A great accessory for your home bar, each wine stopper decoration will last a lifetime. Designed in an eye-catching metal cone or droplet with chrome or 24ct gold plated. Three silicone rubber O-rings ensure you will preserve and seal any opened wine bottle.

We build them of high-quality materials that offer an attractive look to the top of your bottle of wine. Each wine stopper is literally made by hand and is manually touched, carved, and meticulously polished to get that amazing finish.  These are not some cheap trinkets with that big price tag. This is something that comes from the heart and is of a quality you would be proud to give as a housewarming gift. Furthermore, recipients will love the thought you put into finding something superb.

Amazing Ideas?

If you are looking for an amazing idea for either him or her, then why not these elegant wine accessories?  This bottle stopper will work great for wine but they also seal champagne bottles. Any liquor bottle that has this similar hold in the top would work. And, the rubber stoppers are sure to keep airtight and keep and preserve any alcohol beverages or carbonation.

Finding the perfect gifts for any wine lover that has everything is hard. We here cater to just those sorts of people. All of our wine toppers are elegantly made right here in the UK.

We take great pride in every piece and remind you that these are special and not mass-produced. The timber is all-natural and so the grain may differ from the image. But, we believe you will find your wine stopper favors as beautiful as you expect.

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