Take This Quiz To Test What You Know About Woodworking

Take This Quiz To Test What You Know About Woodworking

Woodcraft has been practised for thousands of millennia, newfangled tools and machinery come and go. The essential principles however have not. You can look at the work of a craftsman from centuries past and understand the construction.

The world of woodworking crafts is a wide and exciting place, filled with all manner of opportunities to learn a new skill set and expand your horizons. From the fine art of cabinet making or pen turning to practical carpentry, there are so many ways to engage with this fantastic hobby. But what have you remembered or forgotten over the years?

Can you identify your dovetails from your finger joints? How about your beading from your shiplap? Here’s your chance to prove what trivia you do know. We’ve prepared a woodwork quiz that’ll test your trivia knowledge of the basic techniques to make wood furniture projects. Not only will our woodworking quiz show how much you do know, but it will also reveal how much you’ve forgotten since you last picked up a claw hammer. The trivia quiz only takes about 7 minutes to complete, and you can take it as many times as you like, so don’t worry about getting a perfect quiz score.

How Much Do You Really Understand About Woodworking?

Do you consider yourself to be a woodwork expert? If so, then you might want to try your hand with these trivia quizzes. Featuring 17 multiple-choice questions on basic skills that every woodworker should be able to answer. When you have finished leave a comment below on how well you did.


Which Of These Is Not A Softwood?

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Balsa although soft and light it is a hardwood from a deciduous tree. The lightest commercially available wood has lots of excellent uses.

Identify This Image.

Bridle Joint
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A bridle joint is similar to a mortise and tenon. The shoulders on both are cut full width and are normally seen in picture frames and furniture construction.

Which tool would a woodturner use on the lathe?

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A shell auger or lamp auger is a primitive tool for drilling on the lathe. Quickly sharpened they are used for long hole boring end grain holes in floor standing lamps in sections of 2 1/2 foot

When is a slick used in woodcraft?

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A slick is a framers chisel. With a heavy blade between 5 - 10 cm wide and a slender socketed handle. You always push one using its weight and the upper arm, shoulder.

Who is the founding father of the British crafts movement?

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William Morris is the founding father of the British crafters movement. An artist, designer and writer who was born in Walthamstow, Essex, on 24 March 1834. He was a key figure in the arts and crafts movement, which is where he came up with his ideas for art and design.

Name the weakest wood joint

Woodworkers lap joinery
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The butt method is the simplest to create and the weakest. Within the group, there is end-to-end, edge-to-edge, T, and mitre. We can strengthen them by using dowels, splines or dovetails.

The correct plane sharpening angle?

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Plane irons traditionally come from the factory with a 25-degree grind. You can make the sharpening angle stronger and longer-lasting by adding a 5-degree micro bevel.

How many inches should a circular saw blade protrude through the lumber?

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A circular sawblade should extend through the material by 1/4 inch. With such a minimal amount extended if there is an accident, you won't lose a finger.

When Should Safety Glasses Be Worn In The Workshop?

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There is no excuse not to wear eye protection in the workplace.

Which adhesive is traditionally used for laying veneers?

Carpenter applying glue to attach briar root panel
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Pearl Glue is also called hide glue by old-time woodworkers and is still in use today for restoration and laying veneers. Even when the glue has set the piece can be lifted and reset with heat and moisture.

What are the dimensions of a standard plywood sheet?

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A standard board of plywood is 4' x 8'. The dimensions match the spacing on wall studs, floor joists and roof trusses for quick and easy work by builders.

What is a bodger?

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A bodger is an English term for a woodworker who works and lives within a beech copse or woodland. Bodgers specialised in making Windsor chair parts using the time-honoured technique of the pole lathe.

A greenwood peg in timber framing is called?

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Trunnels are used in green timber frame construction methods to peg joints. They derive the word trunnel from “tree nail” large oak pegs either cut flush or left proud.

Most Dense Wood According To The Janka Scale?

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The scale is a measure of wood hardness in the flooring industry. Measuring the resistance to denting by pressing an 11.28 mm steel ball-bearing into pieces of wood. The hardest wood according to the Janka scale is Australian Buloke at 5,060 lbf (22,500 N). Lignum vitae is 4,500 lbf (20,000 N), Hickory at 1820 lbf and English oaks 1,120 lbf (5,000 N).

Can You Identify The Wood In The Image?

What Sort Of Wood Is This?
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Purpleheart is also known as Peltogyne has 23 pieces within the family group. A hard dense wood fairly expensive it originates from Mexico and the rainforests of Central and South America.

Which saw has the thinnest kerf?

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The kerf is the material that is removed when cutting, this is determined by the width of the blade's tooth. Tablesaws 4 mm, Bandsaw 2.5 mm, Japanese saw 0.7 mm.

Correct speed for a 2” router bit?

carpentry tool
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Bit diameter should determine the correct speed. The usual rule of thumb is the larger the bit the slower the router speed. Large 2” panel raising bits should only be used in a router table. Up to 1” 22,000 - 24,000 rpm, 1- 2” 18,000 - 22,000, 2 - 21/2” 12,000 - 16,000, 21/2 - 31/2” 8,000 - 12,000.

General Woodworking Quiz


Looks like you are just beginning your DIY or woodworking journey, try to expand your skill level a little further 😉
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Master craftsman

Wow, an outstanding job with your quiz trivia, you are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the trade. There is always more to learn though 😁

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