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An Introduction To Gifts

An Introduction To Unusual Wooden Gifts

Here I will introduce some unusual presents. Wood probably the oldest material used to make a lot of items we see every day. These materials may include plastic and metals with timber taken for granted. Why the first wheel was square and houses made of timber and so was the panelling of cars!. As a material, whether in making items or construction, still one of the most common options for many people. It is also one of the most expensive too, depending on the variety used. Wood is nature, and it attracts men to nature. Anything wooden with a touch of class always welcome; few would not find a properly finished piece of craft attractive.

Though usually conspicuous in the way used there’s so much more, someone can use it for. Not just for making doors, curtain boxes, kitchen counters and so on. Given the properties that make it so multifunctional along with colours and grain. Wood often used to make the most special items it would surprise you.

Unusual Model Wooden Ships

unusual wood boat

Are you familiar with a boat and ship models? Look it up and focus on the wooden models. A good craftsman will make an amazing imitation or creative piece out of wood. We’re not just talking about a shell here but a fully loaded model complete with decks, living quarters, bars, restaurants, control room, kitchen and everything else that would come with the real thing.

Properly done models made from good quality wood can cost you up to and above a thousand pounds. A wooden ship model would make a special but not a common gift; don’t you think it would make unique wood gifts for men? Men love good detailing like pronounced in ship models.

wooden carved heart and arrow card


How about a wedding or birthday card carved out of wood? You will rarely find a carved piece, many wooden cards are normally a combination of some carving, print and even a little paperwork. However, those entirely carved cards including inscriptions made resembling a variety of items like ancient writing scripts among other items.

This does not make other types of wooden cards any less attractive. A whole variety comprising creatively cut out and assembled pieces of timber that may be of inferior quality as opposed to a wholly carved item but good all the same.

Would it make a good option for a wooden romantic gift, say for your engagement or anniversary? I give luxury wooden gifts for several wedding anniversaries. Wood can make something for every occasion including the romantic ones. How about a wooden locket with a special message or another gift inside it? It takes experience fitting in hinges for those that have got them bit lockets make a beautiful choice for that romantic moment; it literally represents the same. There is a whole variety of wooden lockets available at the local gift shop and online at a relatively affordable cost for such an occasion.

bobo bird adelaide

Unique Wood Watches

Now, a wooden watch will raise eyebrows wherever you wear it. This is as an expensive affair as it is rare but is an excellent choice for the best gift for someone equally special. These watches look unique in many descriptions and are mainly a reserve for a very special occasion for a very exceptional person.

These are usually handmade and made on order with a custom design. The detail on such watches is a show of real workmanship.

High Quality Pens

Handmade Pens

Now perhaps you were not expecting the mention of pens in this article, you were wrong. I can use wood to make a whole variety of handmade pen designs. Given the varieties of timber and their various properties like durability, flexibility and so on. It would probably cost you more to buy a pen made from the more solid types of wood as it is harder to work the same to come up with a similar product made from a softer piece of wood. The material is superb for making pens because of its ability to give such a smooth finish.

A wooden pen would probably cost you slightly more than your normal plastic or synthetic pen. This is because of the time and work that go into such kind of product. The material is also natural and would cost more to purchase.

Handmade wooden pens just like any other unique handmade wooden gifts can cost you even more. The item, however, is always a marvel to look at. We can dye wood to give different colours of pens. It can also be stained and polished to give a more classic look to the product. Such pens would make a fantastic gift for anyone in any environment be it the office, at home, at a fraternity gathering; we can design a handmade wooden pen to go for any gift occasion. You can have a look at some of these wonderful handmade wooden pens in our gift shop for a clearer picture of these wonderful handmade wooden gifts.

Engraved wood cases

Wooden Phone Casings

Now here is a simple but functional and gift you could get for anyone who owns a phone. We’re not talking about the synthetic material but a real wood phone casing. Fewer chances of it cracking, unlike plastic. Like any other wooden item of this nature, it has got that unique look that is only characteristic of wood. It can be dyed or done in that classic wooden look finish.

It is amazing to see the small but interesting things that can come out of a little creative woodwork. They are all unique wooden gifts that would likely leave a more lasting impression on the person gifted.

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