10 Unusual Wooden Gifts: An Introduction

An Introduction To 10 Unusual Wooden Gifts

Here is my introduction to some bespoke wooden gifts excellent for gift giving. Wood is the oldest material utilized in high-quality wooden products we see every day. These materials may include plastics and metals with beautiful hardwoods taken for granted.

Why the first wheel was square and houses built of timber, and so was the panelling of cars!. It is still the most common option as a material, making items or construction. It is one of the most expensive too, depending on the type.

Wood is nature, and it attracts people to nature. Anything with a touch of class is always welcome. Few would not find quality finished handmade wooden gifts attractive.

Though usually conspicuous in the way used, there’s so much more someone can use it for. Not only for constructing doors, curtain boxes, kitchen counters, etc.
Given its multifunctional properties and colours, it’s little wonder it’s so popular. Often used to form the best wooden gift ideas, it would surprise you.

Unique Wooden Gifts

Would it constitute a superb engagement or a 5th wedding anniversary gift? I give luxury wooden gifts for several wedding anniversaries. Wood can make something for every circumstance, including the romantic ones.

How about a wooden locket with a personalized message inside it? It takes experience fitting hinges for those that have this jewelry. They are a beautiful choice for that sentimental moment. A variety of wooden lockets are available online at an affordable cost.

Wood Boat

Model Wooden Ships

Are you familiar with boat and ship models? Look it up and focus on the wooden models. A good artisan can create a fantastic imitation. We’re not talking about a toy here but a complete model with decks and everything else.

Correctly done models built from quality woods can cost you up to and above a thousand pounds. A one of a kind ship model will not be expected; don’t you think it would make unique wood gifts for him? Men love fine detailing as pronounced in ship models.

High Quality Unique Pens

Handcrafted Pens

Perhaps you were not expecting the mention of custom pens in this article. You were wrong. I can use oak to manufacture a range of distinctive handmade designs.

Offered the variety of woods and properties like durability and flexibility. It may cost you more to buy pen gifts created from dense timber as it is harder to work than softwood. The material is superb for creating because of its ability to take such a smooth finish.

A hand crafted instrument might be more expensive than your typical plastic style. This is because of the time and work put into such a product. The material is also natural and offers more value.

They’re an unusual gift idea for anyone, whether at work, home, or even at a fraternity party. We can produce handmade wooden designs for any occasion.

You can buy these unique wooden pens in our online shop. Browse for unique wood gifts today from our extensive collection. What’s not to love with a free delivery option in the UK.

Wardrobe Jewellery Box

Unusual Jewellery Box

An interesting oak wooden box to accommodate various chains and bracelet sizes. Six drawers for smaller jewelry and trinkets. Dark red sapelle in contrast to the lighter outside. Made with traditional joinery techniques, you can view the door and draw corners.

carved heart anniversary card


How about a wedding or birthday gift card carved out of reclaimed wood? Most personalised wooden cards are a combination of some carving and pyrography. Sculpture ideas resemble an array of things like ancient writing scripts.

This does not mean other types of crafted cards are any less attractive. A variety comprises assembled hardwood pieces instead of a wholly chiselled item but still unique wooden gifts.

Personalised bookmark range

Personalised Bookmarks

Personalised bookmarks are unique gifts for book lovers. Thoughtful and practical that can be used daily. Engraved bookmarks come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be made from any type of wood and laser engraved with the recipient’s name or any other message.

For the bookworm in your life, get them a personalised bookmark; it makes an excellent stocking stuffer. It’s always a hit with readers, who appreciate the care put into creating such a personalised wooden gift.

African Elephant Wall Art

Interior Design

Handmade and carved from various woods, this elephant wall decor is sure to be a conversation starter in any room. Each piece is shaped to give depth as the animal appears to step forward through the frame. The perfect gift for the person who has it all, this awesome piece of wall art is sure to please any elephant lover.

Perfect wood anniversary gifts will be passed down through the generations.

two piece bracelet set

Couples Bracelets

This wooden bracelet set makes unique gifts for couples. It is made by hand and can be engraved with a personal message on the backside. The colour can be personalized to match the recipient’s preferences.

When you purchase a pair, they arrive in a beautiful gift box, the perfect way to give them to loved ones. It makes an ideal storage solution when not worn.

cookery knives

Set of Knives

A knife set is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a unique present for the cook in your house. Chef’s knives are the most important tools in the kitchen, so choose accordingly. There are many different types on the market, so do your research and get one that fits the chef’s personality and cooking manner.

bobo bird adelaide

Watches with a Twist

Now, a wooden watch will raise eyebrows wherever you wear it. This is an expensive affair as it is rare but is an excellent choice for the best gift for someone equally loved.

These personalised wooden watches are exceptional and generally reserved for a special person. Ideal as anniversary gifts for men with a personalized message on the back.

These are usually made on order with a customised design. The detail on such watches is a show of real quality.

Engraved cases

Wooden Phone Casings

Here is a simple but functional gift you could get for anyone who owns a mobile telephone. We’re not talking about synthetics but an engraved real wood casing. Fewer chances of it cracking, unlike plastics. Like any other item of this nature, it has a distinct appearance. It can be dyed or done in that classic wooden finish.

The small but unusual gifts selection that comes from creative woodworking is amazing. They are all unique wooden gifts that leave a lasting impression on the person gifted. Go the extra mile and give a personalized wooden casing.

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