Pen And Pencil Sets
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Wood Pen And Pencil Sets

Petrache Poenaru invented the first fountain pen in 1827, although it was basic. He never imagined that his innovation, coupled with John J. Loud’s ballpoint in 1888, would revolutionise the world.

Writing sets in today’s world are not just used in an office or filling books and stationery journals but are also a source of happiness for both him or her.

Your man will always be satisfied and proud of holding an elegant smooth and comfortable design, either gold or chrome plated. There are various ball pens and pencils that are specially hand made in the UK. They include gift pen sets that can be used as wedding presents or for your own personal use.

As our standard, each ballpen has a black cross or Parker ink refill and 0.7mm pencil lead. Replacements are available in a high street shop or online office supplies.

Special Pen Pencil Gifts

No machine-made Cross or Waterman pens brands here, just pure craft. Elm rollerball pen and mechanical pencil set, as well as the lovely Yew fountain pencil coupling, are among our range of pens. Others in the collection include ballpoints with unique colours and our special Santos Rosewood set. A mouthwatering sight for any man or woman who likes exotic.

Imagine him suddenly realizing how smooth the surface of his instrument is or how classy the piece he is holding. Women might feel the same thing; Wooden pen sets might just fire the same effect. Inputting a smile on a person’s face, we are well prepared.

If you can’t find anything suitable, view our wide range of ballpoint, fountain, and rollerball custom pens and order your own gift sets. We can replace our medium black refills for blue on request.

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