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Willow Tree Couples Figurines: Make Romantic Gift Getting Easy!

What are Willow Tree figurines?

Willow Tree Figures are a great idea for Valentine’s Day, weddings and anniversaries. Themes span from the “Soar Ornament” to a “Together Wedding Cake Topper.” Excellent as centrepieces or great gifts for friends and family members you love. 

Is Willow Tree a good gift?

The Couples Figurines are fantastic because they symbolise everlasting passion and emotion. They are more reasonably priced than other romantic figure companies and are often on sale.

The popularity of the statues’ is due to their versatility for any occasion. An expression of affection, and it doesn’t need to be anything specific for meaningful gifts. 

They’re well-liked Christmas presents because they’re a practical and sentimental choice.

What is the history of Willow Tree?

Artist Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree is a well-known brand and a preferred gift choice. The company’s goods are sold in stores, online or by email for gifting purposes. Hand painted simple forms without any facial features. The concept was born from the artists’ desire to create a shape not seen before in the industry.

Moreover, the line has been around for over 20 years, making it a classic collectable. All figures are sculpted in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Enesco is proud to partner in the distribution throughout the United Kingdom and EU. Hand painting gives each item a distinct individuality.

Child Of My Heart

What are the different designs of figurines?

The selection of Willow Tree anniversary gifts comes in various designs, each special in its own way.

Another piece is the “Child Of My Heart”, which features a woman and her baby. This figure captures intimacy perfectly. 

Other artworks are available to find the perfect one for your loved ones. No matter what you choose, they are sure to touch their hearts and remind them of how much you care about them.

What are the different meanings associated with Willow Tree figurines?

The Willowtree couple figurines are a unique gift for people in love. They are beautiful decorations but also have multiple meanings associated with them. 

They can be a symbolic gesture of closeness and courage between two individuals. They may be enjoying each other’s company or celebrating happy times.

The meaning also acts as a reminder to stay connected and cherish those relationships. Whether our dearest is near or far away, they remind us of the importance of our connections.

Finally, they can be seen as symbols of hope and healing. If someone is going through a tough patch, they can serve as a reminder that things get better. No matter what life throws our way, we’ll always have our loved ones by our side.

Together Figurine

willow tree together figure

The Willow Tree Together figurine depicts a pair in an intimate embrace. They don’t have faces, but their postures and nonverbal communication reveal their sentiments.

Anniversary Figurine

wedding anniversary figurine

Willow trees Anniversary couple was designed for those celebrating their marriage. Yet, this has no text on it. It is a figure of a loving couple. This might not be as great for a wedding gift, but it wouldn’t be out of place.

Promise Figurine

Promise couple figurine

Unlike the Anniversary sculptures, this figure has a name that is perfect for a wedding. This Willow Tree collectable represents the vow you made to your spouse when you married.

The Promise features a duo in an affectionate dancing position. As they will do at the wedding reception or their song plays on the radio. Check the official site of willow tree for the latest price.

Mother And Daughter

Mother and Daughter Memory Box

What could be more precious than mother and daughter memories? These hand-carved sculptures perfectly capture the bond between the two. The hinged lid has a hidden sentiment when you open the box lid.

angel of friendship

Willow Tree Love

Since 2000, families have loved Willow Tree sculptures. These small resin pieces are delicate, making awesome additions to any home. A figurative sculpture is excellent for anyone who loves their pet dog. So don’t miss out – grab yours today.

How are Willow Tree figurines made?

Lordi’s original willow sculptures are used to mould resin replicas. The nativity scene is an example of several possibilities.

The Demdaco company partnered with Lordi to produce and distribute the Willow Tree collection. You can find them easy at independent gift shops and Hallmark stores nationwide.

you and me

What are some tips for choosing the perfect figurine?

It’s crucial to take the meaning into account when choosing a statue.

For example, if you are looking for one that celebrates growth, “You And Me” could be ideal. This piece features a pair blossoming into an affectionate union.

Another thing to remember when choosing a beautiful Willow tree sculpture is sizing.

Some patterns are smaller than others, so choose those that fit properly on a table or mantle.

Finally, the price can be a factor when making your selection. There is something for every budget since they produce them at various price points.

You can pick the ideal present by considering style, size, and pricing.

How can a Willow Tree ornament be personalised?

When it comes to getting these items, personalisation is key! There is a choice of engraved bases with three typefaces. The customisation tool allows you to try sentences in several typefaces to pick your favourite.

Highlighting figures has a special meaning for gifts. For example, a golden jubilee present can include a personalised note. And a newborn’s name and birthday can be engraved on the plaque of the male and female figures. How sweet!

So don’t wait–personalise yours now!

What is the cheapest place to buy Willow Tree figurines UK

When purchasing them, Amazon is the cheapest place to buy them. You can get a wide variety for a fraction of the price you would spend in other stores.

You’re still getting a terrific value even with the more expensive option. Check out the liquidation sale items if you want something extra special. These are no longer in stock and are sold at a higher price than usual.

Shops that sell Willow Tree figures

Plenty of high street shops sell these if you want to look in person. Some of the top places to find collectables include:

  1. John Lewis: This is among the most popular in the high street. They sell collectables and often have some of the most competitive prices. John Lewis also sells plenty of other gifts items that are handy for Christmas. 
  2. Argos: Usually displayed as part of a larger “more than words display” in the ‘Home’ section of the shop. 
  3. H. Samuel and F.Hinds jewellers: sell a selection. Their prices are usually higher, but they have lots of stores across Britain.

Some of the older ornaments are still about on eBay. Be careful, though, as some of the older figurines are more valuable than others.

If you’re looking for something specific, try searching for Willow Tree ornaments on Amazon. The Willow Tree website has a store locator that you can use to locate the nearest shop. Several other shops sell them, including a few independents. 

Best glue for Willow Tree figurines repairs

Many types of glue can be used to repair broken figurines. My favourite is two-part epoxy, which is sold at most hardware stores. Use a thin layer of epoxy on the break site. It takes some time to set and allows you to manoeuvre the pieces back together seamlessly before it sets.

You can’t go wrong with any of these products as wedding gifts. Whichever one you get, I’m sure it will thrill them to own such quality and collectable objects. All this makes the range of keepsakes perfect for wedding ideas. They are unusual for any gifting occasion.

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