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Unique Handmade Fountain Pens

Luxury Fountain pens are unusual in this digital age, often created from acrylic, ebonite or other materials. People are becoming less interested in a beautiful pen and paper as technology advances. Consequently, a custom fountain pen is considered obsolete.

Our distinctive range of pens are excellent writing instruments with a long history. These are fascinating objects with their intricate designs and construction. Browse the largest online selection of fine writing utensils, all handcrafted.

A few of our favourite handmade pens have pine cones or watch parts added to the resin for something unique. We always try to push the limits of what we do. Nearly all the beautiful fountain pens for sale here have a posted cap, with a few exceptions. Matching sets are also possible on selected hand turned pens. Please see each individual page.

What Are Hand Crafted Fountain Pens?

Each handcrafted fountain pen is designed from scratch and crafted with expert craftsmanship. Unlike big fountain pen brands, these plated gold nib pens are not mass-produced. The barrel can be shaped into the desired form and are so exceptional that it is immortalized in art. Limited production ensures that these bespoke fountain pens are genuinely rare.

These British pens have a medium nib, and all use a standard ink cartridge with piston converter pumps where specified. A variety of exceptional quality pen finishes is possible, chrome, gunmetal and golden platings. Every item has a presentation gift box and a variety of upgraded boxes in the accessories section.

Need a Custom Design?

If you can’t see anything you like, we do custom work to create your perfect gift for an enthusiast. An unusual material, acrylic or exotic wood, posted or none posted pens, a particular pen nib. Anything possible, if you admire something I have previously done and want it, contact me.

With each rollerball, ballpoint and fountain pen handmade, constructing them takes 48 hours. Getting components from around the world takes time. If things need ordering, it may take a couple of weeks.

It’s best to get in touch with me if you need these handwriting instruments urgently. At certain times of the year, Christmas and other holidays are busy times. Please plan ahead when shopping with us for traditional anniversary gifts if your order is important.

What Is The Difference Between Calligraphy And An Artist Made Pen?

A dip pen uses fountain pen ink; an artisan fountain pen is one that a professional artist has created. Fountains generate uniform lines except for the first downstroke, which is thicker to seem more sumptuous. Calligrapher pens start with thin downstrokes and conclude with tasseling rims and brushes to serifs on top.

What Are The Postal Options Per Order?

Many options are available to customers who buy fountain pens. All orders are shipped with tracking and signature confirmation. If we receive the order before noon GMT, we will dispatch it the same day. We offer an affordable option for up to two items throughout Great Britain. We have a free UK delivery option at checkout, but 1st class signed for postal service is the norm.

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