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Although with a variety of designer ball points in the shop we also have British made pens both fountains and rollerballs, posted and non. These British fountain pens handmade in our UK workshops using traditional tool options, techniques. Without the use of computers or CNC, everything by hand and eye.

Although we use hardwoods from around the world the best to use are the figured ones such as spalted, stressed and burrs.

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Spalting most distinctive on beech with its wide range of colours and dark lines. Other’s show the spalting but non-standout such as this. The unique spalting caused by fungi attacking the timber. A fine line between being usable and disintegrating to dust. The longer the timber left the better the spalting gets, also softer and more unusable. In the picture below a block of spalted beech and one of our own ballpoints handcrafted from the same block.

Spalted Beech Unique Wood

Stress Timber

Reaction wood comes from the crotch of the tree and underneath branches. Where the tree grows, and the weather also has an effect.

The lumber can have different colouring and figure to the rest of the tree. This can make it difficult to use for other crafts as it may want to cup and warp. Interlocking fibres will cause tear out so often discarded for the mass production market.

Handmade Fountain Pens Rollerballs


Burr no matter how you pronounce it, a growth on the tree caused by either attacking insects or disease. Expensive and often seen on high-quality furniture and in the deluxe cars as the veneer on dashboards and accent trims. This makes the best English pens with its beautiful figure and the one to choose.

Buckeye Rollerball

This has had a lot of work done to the wood before the turning even starts. Double-dyed for colouring and stabilized in a vacuum chamber because its so soft. Stabilizing hardens the material and makes it usable. The American Buck-eye has a few faults that did not fill if you look on the pen top. The 3 holes go all the way through the body and need filling with aluminium.

Buckeye Burl Rollerball Pen

Thuya Pen

This comes from the Atlas mountains in Morocco from evergreen conifer trees in the cypress group. Nice to work with and has a delightful spicy smell as it turns on the lathe.

Thuya Fountain Pen

Burl Oak Rollerball

This is made with English burr. Although considered a hard material, this is not as difficult to work as some. No eyes present but lots of interlocking with cracks to overcome. Light browns in tone complimented by the chrome curves of this model.

Chatsworth Burr Oak Wood

Amboyna Rollerball

Amboyna is not a distinct class but from the Pterocarpus family. Difficult to work with interlocking grain, and voids to overcome so some experience necessary. This is a little different to the others with a magnetic cap, all the others have use a screw attachment.

Amboyna Burl Wooden Rollerball Pen On Stand

Whiskey Cask Pen

This one is crafted from part of an old whiskey cask stave recycling the barrel. Rich in colouration from the charring, this has an offcut of the initial stave.

Oak Whiskey Stave Fountain Pen

Masur Birch Pen

Masur Birch is not a species but caused by insect attack and comes from an area between Finland and Russia. Pricey and only available in small quantities this timber is stunning.

In addition, the surface tint will change as it catches the sunlight from different angles and chatoyance.

Chatsworth Wooden Fountain Masur Birch

Exotic Brown Mallee Pen

Brown Mallee from the eucalyptus line of trees. Darker than the English burrs the dark golden browns compliment the plating on this fountain pen.

Wood Fountain Pen With Brown Mallee And Gift Box

Coolabah Pen

Coolabah, like all Australian timbers dense and costly. Some of the hardest woods in the world come from Australia. With deep brown and cream hues within the same design, this fountain designed similar to the old Conway Stewart fountain pens.

Red Coolabah Fountain Pen

New HMS Victory Collection

New this year we have our wonderful historic HMS Victory pens. Our writing instruments don’t get any better than this. Two hundred and sixty years of history using oak and elm from england. One a rollerball and the other a fountain along with an old favourite ballpoint all supplied with gift box.

These British pens both have a superior black titanium finish with non posted caps. A premium medium iridium nib and takes international cartridges or the supplied ink convertor.

historic HMS Victory pens


Pushing the boundaries of my wooden crafts, some of our luxury pens made from fancy acrylic resins which have other items cast in them or dazzling pearlescent shades. I will explore these possibilities more this year with my homemade castings. Meanwhile, please have a look at these 2 fountains.

New Pen Blanks

Green Pinecones Pen

I have made this from a bright green resin with mini pine cones cast in the resins for an original look. This is one of our higher end luxurious implements with gold-plating and detailed accents.

Gold Aphrodite Green Day Fountain On Paper

Mystical Magma Pen

Inspired by molten magma with purple and gold pearlescent pigments. Constantly changing colour as it moves in your hands and catches the daylight. Created with gold trim on our European style.

Handmade Mystical Magma Fountain Pen With Box

Another interesting article on pens and pencils from UK made or look at the fpn forums. This is just a small choice of our gorgeous selection available from my stationery store. Check out the reviewers around the site or judge yourself. To keep up to date please follow me on Facebook or any of the other social media platforms.

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