British made pens

British Made Pens: How To Choose The Best Pen, Ballpoint, Fountain Or Pencil

Which pens are made in the UK?

All of the beautiful pens on this website are made in the UK.

We make a few different types of pens, including ballpoints. These are typically less expensive than other types of pens, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. For many individuals, ballpoint pens are a convenient alternative for writing and sketching.

The second type is fountain pens, often seen as more prestigious than other types of pens. They tend to be more expensive than other handmade pens. Yet, they offer a unique writing experience that most people find enjoyable.

Finally, there are various types of rollerballs. They offer the convenience of a ball point with the smoothness of a fountain pen. This makes them ideal for everyday use.

selection of english pens

What is a fountain pen or ballpoint?

A ballpoint pen uses a small, rotating ball made of brass or steel to distribute the ink evenly to the pens point. A fountain pen uses a liquid ink fed to the pen’s tip by gravity or air pressure.

A ballpoint is a writing implement with a cylindrical metal point and pocket clip. It consists of a metal sphere at one end and a reservoir for ink. The ballpoint was first invented by John J Loud in 1888.

A fountain pen is a handwriting instrument with an external reservoir. It feeds ink directly to the nib on demand from the user. Fountain pens have been around since the 18th century and are known for their smooth writing.

What are the benefits of using a British made pen?

In addition to great quality, buying a British made pen helps small local businesses. English pens are a terrific way to show British craftsmanship and patriotism.

Using British pens ensures you receive a high-quality product crafted with care. Others just cannot match the advantages that these pens provide.

For starters, British made luxury pens are known for their durability. They can resist everyday wear and tear for decades if properly cared for. They’re comfortable to grip and write with, so ideal for prolonged usage.

Their distinctive design features set British fountain pen brands apart from the competition. There’s something for everyone when selecting one that reflects your particular style.

Finally, they often come with extra features like ink cartridges or refills. Choose British pen brands if you want something distinctive and value for money.

How to choose the best fountain pen or ballpoint for your needs?

When choosing ballpoints or fountain pens, it is essential to consider what you will be using them for. If you use it for writing, you want to choose a fine point for more accurate writing. If you use it for drawing or sketching, you need to choose a pen with a thicker point.

You should consider a few things when choosing the best pen for your needs. The two most important qualities to look for are durability and reliability. In general, a ballpen is more practical and durable, whereas a fountain pen is more costly.

Henry Simpole creates bespoke overlay fountain pens with engravings or initials. They are made from high-quality materials and provide a luxurious experience. With different inks, ballpoints and rollerball pens are wonderful.

British perfection is a combination of design, craftsmanship, and smooth-as-butter nibs.

Great British Pen Makers

There are many British pen makers out there, and I am constantly discovering more. This is a listing of the ones I know about so far, in no particular order. This list is not complete; I will add more as I learn about them or discover them.

Here are some of my favourite British makers:

Worcester Pen Company

Only a handful of companies still make pens in the UK, and Worcester pens are one of them.

What makes Worcester special is its commitment to quality and workmanship. Each pen is made from the finest materials and with great care. In addition, all of their pens are handmade in England. This ensures that each is a work of art and provides its owner with years of writing satisfaction.

Though the website appears to have stopped trading, they have a store on Etsy. So if you’re looking for an excellent gift, be sure to check out their products!

AuRola pens


Another one-man band creating kitless pens. By threading and tapping each section, he creates some original designs. Nibs are either Jowo or Bock in popular sizes, though you can specify your own.

Though AuRola maintains an Etsy shop, most pens sell quickly on Instagram beforehand. The average turnaround time for a commission is 1 – 2 weeks but can go to 3 – 4 while waiting for fancy materials.

Twiss Pens

John Twiss makes fountain pens from scratch, with no pattern or instruction to follow. Each is unique and is usually lighter than mass-produced. If you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact him.

Custom orders are not priced that differently from stock pens. Pens are made over a few days or a day, depending on the complexity of the order. A wide range of nibs and designs are available.

Gilbert House Pens

A maker of fine writing instruments located in Cambridge, UK. He has a selection in all styles with wood from across the globe and has refined his techniques along the way.

Many materials are recycled – such as whisky barrels or watch parts. You can see all this for yourself at All Saint’s Craft Market in Cambridge!

British Fountain Pen Makers

Conway Stewart pens

Conway Stewart was a British manufacturing company of fountain pens and other writing implements. They became notable for their fountain pens in the 1920s.

Development of Conway Stewart Pens provided a variety of filling techniques, sizes, and materials. Their market share increased at the expense of other established manufacturers.

World War II made it difficult for companies such as Conway Stewart. Post-war austerity in the UK was a factor contributing to the decline in sales.

In the 1960s, the leading British fountain pen manufacturer chose to create ballpoints.

In 1975, the firm was wound up, and production ceased. It was revived in 1990s Plymouth, with sales starting from 1998. But, on 28 August 2014, it was placed into receivership again and subsequently, the Conway Stewart factory closed down

Bespoke British Pens acquired the remaining stock components from the factory. At the same time, The Turners Workshop Ltd bought most of the remaining materials.


In the 1880s, De La Rue was one of the world’s largest printers. They were also responsible for making fountain pens, predecessors to Lewis Waterman’s invention. The Onoto pen was invented in 1905 by George Sweetser and then sold to De La Rue. It was the first fountain pen to be filled from a bottle and was very popular due to its high-quality construction and aesthetics.

Its worldwide brand awareness was enhanced by considerable advertising and marketing. Spending £50,000 on marketing campaigns in Britain, the USA, France, Italy and India worked well. This aggressive strategy paid off as Onoto became known for its high-quality pens.

Production stopped in 1940 because of the war. Pen production resumed with a reduced range in 1947 but ended in February 1958.

A 100th-anniversary pen, the Onoto Centenary, was introduced in 2005 by Onoto Pen Company Limited. This new edition contained 500 sterling silver and ten in 18-carat gold.

They are now synonymous with quality, style, and reliability. Its pens are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Jack Row

Jack Row is a master-craftsman who has packed a lot into his career. He originally trained as a goldsmith in Birmingham. Then moved to London, where he worked as a jeweller. He currently has his own workshop in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter and makes luxury objects. His work is exhibited worldwide, winning several awards.

Diamonds and sapphires are among the jewels he produces in one-off hand-finished pieces. His work is elegant, with a filigree pattern that evokes London’s skyline. It is all hand crafted in sterling silver and gold, with each variation restricted to 88 pieces. Each item is hallmarked with a range of pens that vary from £7,299 to £27,000.

handmade fountain pen collection


Although with various designer ball points in the shop, we have fountains and rollerballs, posted and non. These British fountain pens handmade in our UK workshops using traditional tool options and techniques. Without computers or CNC, everything is by hand and eye.

We use hardwoods from around the globe. The best to use are the figured ones such as spalted, stressed and burrs.

Buckeye Burl Pen

Buckeye Rollerball

This has had a lot of work done to the wood before the turning even starts. Double-dyed for colouring and stabilized in a vacuum chamber because it’s so soft. Stabilizing hardens the material and makes it usable.

Thuya Fountain Pen

Thuya Pen

This is a cypress-like evergreen conifer from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Excellent to work with and has a delightful spicy smell as it turns on the lathe.

Burr Oakwood

Burl Oak Rollerball

This is made with English burr. Although considered a hard material, this is not as difficult to work with as some. No eyes present but lots of interlocking with cracks to overcome. Light browns in tone complimented by the chrome curves of this model.

Amboyna Burl Wooden Rollerball Pen On Stand

Amboyna Rollerball

Amboyna is not a distinct class but from the Pterocarpus family. Because of the interlocking grain and voids, some skill is required. This is a little different to the others with a magnetic cap. All the others have used a screw attachment.

Whiskey Stave Fountain Pen

Whiskey Cask Pen

This one is crafted from part of an old whiskey cask stave recycling the barrel. Rich in colouration from the charring, this has an offcut of the initial stave.

Masur Birch Fountain Pen

Masur Birch Pen

Masur Birch is not a species but caused by insect attack and comes from an area between Finland and Russia. Pricey and only available in small quantities, this timber is stunning.

The surface tint changes as it catches the sunshine from various angles.

historic HMS Victory pens

New HMS Victory Collection

New this year, we have our historic HMS Victory pens. Two and a half centuries of history using British oak and elm. One a roller ball and the other a fountain, all supplied with gift boxes.

These British pens hand made with a superior black titanium finish with non posted caps. A premium medium iridium nib with international cartridges or the supplied converter pump.

5 Best British Made Pens According To Consumer Ratings

When it comes to pens, the Brits know their stuff. After all, they’ve been using them for centuries! In fact, there are so many great British luxury pens on the market today that it can be tough to choose just one. But don’t worry–we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve listed 5 of the best British-made fountain pens according to consumer ratings. And trust us, no pen on this list is a dud!

  1. Conway Stewart Churchill Heritage Pens
  2. Winston Classic Brown by Conway Stewart
  3. Vanwall Pen by Conway Stewart
  4. Conway Stewart Churchill Chased Black Pens
  5. Dip Pens by J Herbin Glass

Are Parker pens still made in England?

The Parker brand is a classic; many people still prefer to other types of pens. Parker pens brand was manufactured in England for decades, but there were some changes in 2011. The organisation moved its manufacturing operations to France and three Chinese factories.

They are supposedly still made with the same care and attention to detail as ever. In addition, Parker offers a wide range of different styles and finishes.

Does the UK make pencils?

The UK is known for tea, its sense of humour, and its love of a good pencil. In fact, the UK is one of the few countries outside china that still produces them. We take our pencils seriously over here!

  • Derwent.
  • Chambers.

Derwent is a proud heritage brand with over 150 years of know-how and experience. Constantly innovating and evolving to bring the best possible colouring crayons to market. A need to check the packaging for the Union Jack or Made in Britain logo as some products are made elsewhere.

The Chambers pencil story began in the early 1900s when a family of entrepreneurs decided to start making pencils. Since most were imported into England, they predicted a scarcity during wartime. F. Chambers and Company Limited was founded in Stapleford, Nottingham. It remained there until 1991 when it was bought by Lyra.

In May of that year, Frederick’s grandson started Chambers Pencils, and the demand grew! Norman rebuilt machinery for orders and ran the business until he died in 2014. Today, son Timothy continues the family legacy by running the business.

New Pen Blanks


The most important is the type of work you do. If you primarily write checks and signatures, then ballpens are the best. Go for fountain pens if you enjoy cursive handwriting or want more expressive lines.

Some people prefer heavier pens, while others want them light and delicate. There are also different shapes and sizes to choose from. Once you’ve considered all these factors, it’s time to find the perfect pens made in UK for you!

Another interesting article on pens and pencils from UK made or look at the fpn forums. This is just a small choice of our gorgeous selection available from my stationery store. Check out the reviewers around the site or judge yourself.