Oak Gifts

English oaks yield an attractive honey-toned timber that produces presents for a birthday, weddings or anniversaries. You don’t have to wait for a particular date to receive these sustainable gifts with the silky feel of polished white oaks.

Our bespoke gifts for him include classic safety razors or the whiskey barrel razor, both ideal as wedding gifts. Hand crafted safety razors make exceptional items for any man. They represent a high-quality eco-friendly commodity. This lets him save on the phenomenal cost of razor blades and reduces his use of plastic.

British Craftsmanship Using Oaks

The beautiful heart handcrafted necklace is a charming love token perfect for Valentine’s day. This unique heart pendant suitable for a romantic anniversary, birthdays, Christmas, and because any time is good to give your heart. Like your devotion, this heart is always warm to the touch.

Pens are delightful to own and use with their tactile barrels and the gorgeous grain colours of British oaks. Direct from the trunk or recycled boards from a whiskey barrel, historic ship, or famous cathedral. If you are looking for something unusual for him, consider the bullet designed pen series for the rugged outdoor man. Organic gifts to grace any handbag and ideal for her is the exquisitely turned and finished slimline pen with the twist mechanism. Special pens are a class thought for gifting graduates and budding executives, and any man and woman who enjoys writing with a good pen.

To go with the stylish pens, consider a paper knife with rich peaty tones or a light honey coloured handle. A practical item for home or office, a classic letter opener, is efficient and attractive. Or, a good bottle opener is practical and friendly and a joy to use. A sturdy bottle opener is an ideal housewarming present or a sensible upgrade for any man or woman in your life.

Rings are the ultimate jewellery gift, need expertise and skill to bend the veneer. A gift of a ring suits both men and women with its clean, classic design. Custom rings are popular for green weddings and as a wooden fashion statement, using renewable forest oaks.

Oaks can live for hundreds of years. Objects like pens, rings, razors, and other minor things can use boards harvested from living trees. Tree branches are heavy and often need removal to ensure the health of the tree.

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