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Top Ten Traditional Safety Razors

Top Ten Traditional Safety Razors

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The human hair growth is important of existence, hair grows on our faces (beards and moustache), on our forearms, armpits, legs and our pubic region. The
growth of these hairs can go overboard requiring us to shave at regular intervals it doesn’t mean you have to shave out the hair completely but if it’s kept at a level that makes it look neat and clean. There are several ways of removing these hairs on our body such as using epilators, not only electronic epilators using a laser but also organic epilators like waxing to remove the hair, removing this hair can also be done by using double edge safety razors. The safety razors are of different types with different features for easy removal of hair on our the face, armpit and legs, some are double edge safety razor while others are single edge safety razor, here a list of ten best safety razors.

Merkur Heavy Duty #34C

This safety razor one of many produced by this company but its uniqueness can’t be overemphasized. It’s non-slip, etched cross hatch handle made of brass provides a good grip. The heavy-duty handle allows the weight of the razor to do the shaving. The handle 3.3 inches long and weighs 90g, good for sensitive skin cause it doesn’t require repeated passes on the skin which cause after shave bumps. Because of its good work on beards and moustache, it is used by most military personnel. They crafted it in Germany.

Feather Seki Edge

This double edge razor, good for traditional wet shaving, gentle on the skin even for newbies. It’s a one piece solid construction giving you a long-lasting quality razor with replacement blades. Its handle length 3.3 inches and weight of 72g. It has lubricating gel containing vitamin E and aloe which helps the razor glide over your skin. The skin safe from irritation or abrasion as it the razor glides over it.

Parker 96R set

It’s a tradition of uniqueness with a solid brass frame, and a butterfly opening mechanism. A heavy duty razor, which makes it easy for it to cut through the toughest and most stubborn beards, moustaches or hair on any part of the body. Changing the blade is simple and does not require much stress. It goes around the moustache neatly; it doesn’t cause razor burn; it has an advanced plating that doesn’t allow fade or rust.

Baxter of California Double Edge

It comes in an elegant gift box, with a double edge safety razor, Silvertip Badger brush and stand. Good for traditional wet shaving its double edge safety razor provides a close, comfortable shave. The silvertip badger brush distributes shaving cream and helps to lift facial hair. The handle brass and nickel with chrome-plated barber pole design. The stands hold both the razor and the brush.

Julian Vue Vikings Chieftain

An advanced butterfly head for a quick blade change when there is a tough hair to shave. Zero cuts and resistance with the patented micro-comb system, it’s crafted from a mix of brass and bronze alloy. Heavy-duty blade in its packaging it includes a travel case with a mirror. It comes with a lifetime warranty, the blades sharp platinum coated. It feels a little unbalanced for semi-aggressive shaving.

Muhle R41 Open Tooth

They have designed this safety razor as an open tooth comb specially designed for wet shavers. Because of its construction, it allows vigorous and direct shaving techniques. Foam at the edges which removes residues and also makes it easy to clean subsequently, it doesn’t feel loose or wobbly. The blade glides smoothly over the skin and possibly used for a closer shave.

Colonel Conk Kit

It contains safety razor, bowl, badger brush, shaving soap, stand and extra blades. Sleek black metal plating, it has a double edged safety razor with a long handle. Comfortable for shaving and a deep shaving bowl, it has a shaving soap and aftershave lotion. An extra five Stainless Steel safety razor blades, it cuts through beards effortlessly and it is great for styling goatee beards.

Smoothers Double Edge Kit

A great gift idea for him as the packaging is fancy. A textured handle for good grip, it has a micro-comb head to protect the skin when gliding over it. Provides 5 premium double edge safety razor blades. Poses a little difficulty when trying to swap out blades.

Handlebar Shaving The Prospector

The ultimate shaving tool, it’s Stainless Steel razor fit comfortably in your hand. It makes a satisfying sound as it glides over the skin. You can have a close shave without fear of razor burns, the handle 3.1 inches long made of Stainless Steel with satin on the top layer. A top made of zinc alloy which guarantees no rust. It has a nice weight and feel making it comfortable for shaving although the blade not adjustable.

Oak & Chrome Men’s Shaving Set

A handcrafted safety razor made in the UK, it has custom safety razor handle, badger shaving brush, shaving Stand. The handle made from high-quality Wood; it is an ideal safety razor for wet shaving. The badger brush helps to distribute shave soap, the blade can be detached from the handle to prevent undue exposure. Although no complimentary blades included proper handling of the product will guarantee you a long time use.

Summing Up The Traditional Safety Razor

Be that classy man you have always seen yourself as these are the list of the best ten traditional safety razors you can find around. Assured you will get the best quality for your money and the satisfaction you desire when you use any of the listed safety razors. You can make removing the unwanted hairs easier and less stressful by trying any of the above-listed safety razors. Be reminded that the custom safety razor and the others present are all double edge safety razors.

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