Gift Occasions

Gift OccasionsUnusual gift ideas are great for those hard to buy for. Some people buy everything they want and make it hard for people to come up with something that will wow them. But here at Whitlock-Wooden-Designs, we have a plethora of options that are great for men’s gifts as well as women’s.

Browse the selection of various handmade for inspiration with wood lath pens, razor handles, and letter openers to name a few. We offer various resins, wood, and steampunk designs and they are amazing for any gift occasions.  Shop our beautifully handmade gift ideas today and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Many women struggle with man gifts for father’s day, as they are simple creatures that usually don’t want much. However, if they are in a career where they use a pen a lot, why not a handcrafted one of a kind pen? Our pens are all refillable and come with very smooth writing ink already installed.

Everything is top quality and most come with a nice gift box, ready for gifting.  All burl pens come with 8 coatings of superglue to give them that glossy feel.  This is all hand applied and takes skill and time to get the right look.  These pens are built to last a lifetime.

If you need Women’s gift ideas or men’s gift ideas, wedding gifts or even a 5yr anniversary gift, we can help. We have great gift ideas for Mother’s Day, valentines day and Father’s Day gift ideas as well.  Getting the perfect gift has never been easier than a visit to Whitlock-Wooden-Designs.

Willow Tree Couple Figurines And Ornaments - Romantic Gifts

Willow Tree Couples Figurines: Make Romantic Gift Getting Easy!

What are Willow Tree figurines? Willow Tree Figures are a great idea for Valentine’s Day, weddings and anniversaries. Themes span from the “Soar Ornament” to a “Together Wedding Cake Topper.” Excellent as centrepieces or great gifts for friends and family members you love.  Is Willow Tree a good gift? The Couples Figurines are fantastic because …

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17 Best Father’s day Gifts 2023

17 Best Father’s day Gifts 2023

We all shop enough for mother’s day ideas and always find delightful gifts for her. Just like mothers, let us celebrate dad as well and thank him! This is the old man who raised you and took everyday trouble for you, recognised for their contribution to their kids’ lives. When Is Fathers Day? This year the day …

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Stocking Filler Ideas For Men | Best Stocking Stuffers For Him

Stocking Filler Ideas For Him | 2023’s Best Stocking Stuffers For Men

A Christmas stocking filled with thoughtful presents for a guy might give more delight than the main event. The best stocking stuffers for men are more personal than the big opening. But how do you gather caring Xmas gifts that will surprise and delight without breaking the bank? What Do You Put In Stocking Fillers …

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Modern And Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year UK

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year UK (Traditional And Modern)

What Is The Meaning Of Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year? Depending on your country, the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year differ. Cotton is given for the first year of marriage in the United Kingdom, leather for the third. These gifts are woven together (cotton) and represent strength (leather). It is harder to select appropriate …

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