Everything you Ever Wondered About Wood and Trees

Wood and Trees Everything you Ever Wondered AboutI love wood, I love trees, especially when they are alive and full of life! And I sure do like them for their usefulness as well- what a versatile forest resource. From the use in construction to the role in human medicine, these living things will always have a place on this planet because we need them so much!

Trees are a natural source of wood. They provide the material that we use for a variety of products, from paper to furniture.
What is the difference between tree and wood?
The difference between tree and wood is that trees have a stem, roots, leaves and apical meristems. A tree is a living plant and wood comes from dead trees. The cambium layer is responsible for the formation of growth rings seen in wood.

Generally, when someone says they have “wood,” it means they own or are selling logs of wood in unprocessed form.
What does wood for the trees mean?
Can’t see the wood for the trees means to be so focused on one’s work that they overlook the bigger picture. This idiom means that you can’t see the bigger picture from where you’re standing, because of all the details getting in the way.
Ever Wondered Why Coniferous Wood Is Soft?
Timber is classed as either softwood or hardwood depending on the type of tree it comes from. Softwoods are coniferous trees, which include pine and spruce. Hardwoods come from deciduous trees such as oak and maple. The density of a timber’s hardness depends on the type of tree it comes from.

It is difficult to explain the difference between softwood and hardwoods because they are all types of trees. Softwoods contain a high amount of cellulose, which makes them softer than hardwoods. The reason these particular woods grow so slowly is that it takes around 40 years for coniferous trees like pine, fir, spruce and larch to grow before they’re ready to harvest.