9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Many congratulations! You have made it nine years of marriage with your spouse. Have you ever realized you have spent 284,083,200 seconds of togetherness, love and laughter! Now comes the hard part of picking up those great 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas. [no_toc]

What is the symbol for the 9th anniversary?

Traditionally, Willow or leather is the material representing a 9-year anniversary. The theme of willow is water which represents bonding, enduring and giving life just like your nine years union.
Magnificent birds of paradise or the gorgeous poppy the standard flowers. Colours have a large scope with green, purple or terracotta to choose from.

While you are certainly not relegated to leather or willow materials. Gifting something traditional from the tree would be a great idea. You should understand that you are approaching the first full decade together and so make your nine-year anniversary a memorable one.

What is your surprising idea for your loved one? A token that symbolizes the flexibility, strength and stability of your wedlock, the answer can be an amazing willow themed gift.

However, finding a gift cannot be that easy, which is why we have created an incredible range of ninth anniversary gifts perfect to celebrate the marriage. You are celebrating nearly a decade of togetherness and want your ninth anniversary gift full of affection, loaded with romantic moments you will cherish.

Presents From The Tree

I’m sure you get one for every occasion, but this one can be different. Cards on Amazon from waffle and faff, or a funny card design from Etsy? The ideal compliment to chocolates and roses.

9th wedding anniversary gifts pen and jewellery
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Unique Writing Pens

Handcrafted using local windfall wood, we have a selection of handwriting pens. A classical fountain pen or quality ballpoints for her and him.

Paper Knife

Handy in the home or office sat on a desk the useful letter opener. With a wooden handle and a quality metal blade to cut open the envelopes and mail.

Willow picnic basket for 9th wedding anniversary ideas

Old Fashioned Baskets

Now this opens up a whole host of thoughts and suggestions. A wicker basket filled with all the necessities for a picnic in a favorite spot. They are not as hard to find as you think once you look. Storage around the home, they are tough and last,

Modern Alternatives

Choosing pottery gifts can make your selection a lot easier. Ceramic figurines’ courtesy of Susan Lordi from willow tree figures or something more classic from Pool pottery. Beautiful colour shades and designs of ceramic vases to look good on a mantlepiece or table.

9th Wedding Anniversary Ring Offer


What woman does not adore jewelry? Lapis lazuli necklace or bracelet either from the high street shops or vintage. Stunning blue in colour set with gold or silver to compliment any ladies’ attire.

Rings and necklaces popular set with amethyst stones or a choice of diffuser pendants to hang.

You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy a pampering present equal to supreme happiness. It is your relationship and thoughtfulness which matters to your spouse.
Anniversaries are not only the occasions, but they are milestones which you can look back and cherish memories and promises yet fulfilled. For a special event like this, there has to be an exceptional gift. What could be better than a handmade willow craft epitomizing care and affection?

Sweet memories of the past and bright hopes of the future. You should try to make this moment memorable for a lifetime. A well-thought-out celebration plan will add to the joy of the day.
It is all about giving and thoughtfully chosen present to pronounce your feelings and emotion to your partner.

The breathtaking, handcrafted items will do the magic for you. You don’t even need to speak your emotions; these elegant gifts on Etsy will do it all for you! Happy 9th anniversary.

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