14TH Anniversary Facts The Oxford Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You

14TH Anniversary Facts The Oxford Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You

No matter how old you may be an anniversary always come up as a special day for every married couple. Celebrated every year in a family, no person who wants the 14th anniversary day to pass as a normal day. That’s why many married couples mark that day in the calendar each year to not forget the day which refines their love.

Unlike today the 14th anniversary stood out among the many anniversaries the couple celebrated, it was a symbol of a mature marriage. The 14th anniversary was always ivory themed, it had everything to do with the elephant. Most people do not know the hidden meaning behind the elephant on the 14th anniversary. Although it has come to pass people still value it and have continued practising this kind of celebration.

Happy Anniversary

If it’s your 14th anniversary, congratulation for making it this far in marriage. You are searching for the ivory themed gifts and ideas you have arrived at the right place. We offer ready-made ivory gifts if you want something simple for the 14th anniversary you can easily order here. If your 14th anniversary is approaching you may decide on making something unique for your partner. Make an order with us and we will handcraft it for you within the given time frame.

Ivory Anniversary Gifts

Below are some ivory anniversary gifts.

Ivory Fountain Pen

Ivory Fountain Pen

they have a beautiful look with coated ivory on the top. It’s a beautiful fountain pen that your partner will only use it in a special way.

Faux Ivory Letter Opener

Faux Ivory Letter Opener

Just like the ivory pen fountain its small with ivory on the handle. The unique opener that will symbolize your anniversary

Mini Ivory Bolt Action Pen

Mini Ivory Bolt Action Pen

It’s another type of pen with a bolt action ballpoint action and different style with ivory on top

Pink Ivory Ballpoint Pen

Pink Ivory Pen Twist Action

On its looks you will not hesitate to take this ivory pen, it’s not ivory coated but holds the ivory on its back. There is also the pink twist pen but look a lot similar

Wooden African Elephant Wall Art

Wooden Intarsia African Elephant Wall Art-Home Decor

This wall art will add design to your home if you buy this. It works out for you both but it’s a special gift for the ivory themed anniversary


Ivory Pearl Bracelet
Ivory pearl bracelet courtesy of KimSmithJewelry on Etsy

A ring, earrings or bracelet with ivory on top will be simple and especially for the woman as they love jewellery a lot.

Ivory Piano

In case you are a music couple replace the piano or remould it with ivory, it will be an amazing gift for your partner. Try searching Google, either piano’s ivory in colour or on the older one’s ivory keys.

Ivory Box

antique ivory box
Antique ivory box. Photo courtesy of onlinegalleries.com

Antique ivory boxes in different designs and price points make it special for the anniversary gift. Availability varies along with the designs from small to medium, tea caddies to jewellery boxes.

Handmade Ivory Safety Razor

Faux Ivory Safety Razor

Small with ivory coated on top where it’s handed from and has an amazing look, your partner will surely love it.

Ivory Watch

Anne Klein Womens Bracelet Watch

he ivory watch has ivory on its sides and it may be time for your partner to change the watch, she may use at the 14th anniversary day onwards. A popular watch from Amazon.

Mugs With Ivory

It makes the anniversary seem to belong to both. Ensure to pick a pair of mugs for both of you with ivory colour and a special message for your partner. Make every morning at breakfast special with the identical mugs

Ideas Of The Ivory Themed Anniversary

You can go out to the elephant circus and watch the elephants perform with people. If you have enough money, you can donate to the elephants to give them more protection and care.

Never too old to throw parties, prepare a surprise party for your partner and invite friends to celebrate with you. Let it be ivory themed in the design and decoration with a lot of ivory in it. The people coming should know the party theme to come dressed in an ivory way bringing ivory gifts too.

Exotic Holidays

Travel to Africa to experience life with elephants. Visit the animal reserve parks in Africa which have elephants and watch them move, eat and have special moment bonding together. It may be costly but also memorable if you cannot travel that far you could go to a wildlife zoo in this country.

When you have a farm and you are animal lovers, it will be special to adopt a young elephant to live on your farm. This will be more than just a gift for your 14th anniversary ivory celebration the elephants are friendly animals. It’s a good idea to take your partner to volunteer for washing of the elephants in the zoo. Feeding them and spending the whole day in the zoo with the elephants. You will need permission and supervision from the zoo caretakers to carry out the activities as they may also be dangerous.

Traditional Celebrations

In modern society, it’s hard to find true ivory with the hunting ban of elephants for their ivory tusks. This has also contributed to the erasing of the traditional beliefs on how to celebrate the 14th anniversary with ivory. You cannot find the information about 14th anniversary ivory celebration in the Oxford dictionary. Very few people are informed or know of this traditional practice who do not value the 14th anniversary. They have replaced the ivory celebration with the gold-themed anniversary celebration in the modern society where most celebrate the 14th anniversary with gold gifts, gold designs.

Online Gift Shop

You will find all the ivory gifts in our website shop at affordable prices. Although the traditional practice of the anniversary ivory celebration has been discontinued by many, you can still go ahead with practising to provide your partner with something different from other anniversaries. The ivory gifts also suitable for birthdays, weddings, graduations and that special someone part of your life.

Would you choose one of these or take the modern approach, maybe you have another idea?

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