Our 10 Best Anniversary Gifts For Her: Ivory Anniversary Gifts

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Ivory Anniversary Gifts: 10 Best anniversary gifts for her

Are you looking for modern gift ideas for a 14th wedding anniversary or birthday? We have amazing eye-catching faux Ivory gifts that are adorned with amazing metal detailing. The faux ivory is handcrafted from an acrylic resin; it even has faint brown lines like the real thing. Do you need an Ivory Anniversary gift? After 14 years of marriage, the traditional gift is Ivory. Celebrate your love for each other after 14 years with a perfect gift. We offer some great designs with a traditional ivory look that has a rich and elegant feel.

Just because Ivory is outlawed doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to offer traditional gifts. We have faux ivory items that symbolize the look and feel of the real thing but are safe for the Elephants. The elephant is also included here because this is a traditional 14th anniversary gift. We know you will just love your new modern alternative gift.

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