Beginners Woodworking Guide 101

An introduction to everything woodworking

This is the world’s oldest and most important craft. Its history stretches back thousands of years and has been practised by all kinds of people. It’s wide-ranging and multi-faceted, and there are many different styles to choose from. This section will introduce you to the basic skills necessary to get started in the woodworking world.

Not just for old men in their sheds, it’s for everyone who loves the smell of fresh wood and the pride of a job well done. It is a beloved hobby that people either love or hate, though most people don’t take it too seriously. It’s often touted as fine art, though only a small number of people are experts.

In a world inundated with every kind of material, wood is the true master of simplicity. It is easy to work with, ages beautifully, and can be used to make anything (see patternmaker). A simple understanding of woodworking plans can open many doors!

What exactly is woodworking?

Basic woodworking is the practice of shaping wood using simple hand tools to create structures, furniture, and objects of different kinds. Woodworkers have two kinds of skills: craftsmanship and design. Craftsmanship is the ability to transform raw wood into finished pieces. Design is the ability to draw up a project and plan out how to build it.

Segmented Barber Pole Pen

Making A Barber Pole Design Pen

What is the meaning of the barber pole? The traditional colouring of a barber’s pole is red and white. The red strip represents blood, and the white stripe represents bandages. Historically, barbers were also surgeons, and the red and white stripes represented the blood and bandages they used while performing surgery. When did the barber …

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woodworking quotes for the craftsman

Woodworking Quotes For The Craftsman

Woodworking requires many tools, but the most important tool of them all is the one you have in between your ears. Successful woodworking is mainly dependent on your ability to plan out a project, determine the tools and materials you will need, and then execute the project without making any major woodwork mistakes. So, if …

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Take This Quiz To Test What You Know About Woodworking

Take This Quiz To Test What You Know About Woodworking

Woodcraft has been practised for thousands of millennia, newfangled tools and machinery come and go. The essential principles however have not. You can look at the work of a craftsman from centuries past and understand the construction. The world of woodworking crafts is a wide and exciting place, filled with all manner of opportunities to …

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How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

Well, I’m back with more to say about making segmented blanks. Since the last blog among all the other segmented pen work, I think two ballpoints stand out. The first segmented pen is a hybrid. Although it’s an easy segmented pen design it, needs a little effort in making it but so does anything worth …

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Wooden Intarsia Wall Art

Woodworking can take many forms as the following wooden intarsia wall art. Some will tell you they have spent a lifetime doing woodwork and still learning every day. With so many rabbit holes to trip you up and slow you down as this article on other media. The following three wooden crafts have had my admiration …

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Turquoise Hybrid Wooden Ballpoint Pen

Other Media With Wooden Crafts

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. Maybe in the New Year, you will want to try something different even inspired to do your own woodworking ideas. Lots of benefits of crafting or just the pleasure of making something with your own hands. [no_toc] Other Materials I …

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Should The Wood Be Left Natural Or Treated

Should The Wood Be Left Natural Or Treated

Wenge pens should the wood be left natural or treated?. Wood naturally beautiful and preference to select pieces for colour, grain, or figure in these pen designs or any other wooden crafts.Sometimes though this is not always possible such as on this fountain pen. [no_toc] The Wenge wood used comes from central Africa. Wenge a beautiful dark colour with …

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