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Segmented Barber Pole Pen

Making A Barber Pole Design Pen

What is the meaning of the barber pole? The traditional colouring of a barber’s pole is red and white. The red strip represents blood, and the white stripe represents bandages. Historically, barbers were also surgeons, and the red and white stripes represented the blood and bandages they used while performing surgery. When did the barber …

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How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

Well, I’m back with more to say about making segmented blanks. Since the last blog among all the other segmented pen work, I think two ballpoints stand out. The first segmented pen is a hybrid. Although it’s an easy segmented pen design it, needs a little effort in making it but so does anything worth …

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Wooden Intarsia Wall Art

Woodworking can take many forms as the following wooden intarsia wall art. Some will tell you they have spent a lifetime doing woodwork and still learning every day. With so many rabbit holes to trip you up and slow you down as this article on other media. The following three wooden crafts have had my admiration …

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Turquoise Hybrid Wooden Ballpoint Pen

Other Media With Wooden Crafts

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. Maybe in the New Year, you will want to try something different even inspired to do your own woodworking ideas. Lots of benefits of crafting or just the pleasure of making something with your own hands. [no_toc] Other Materials I …

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