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8 Reasons to Love Fountain Pens

8 Reasons to Love Fountain Pens

Computers, cell phones, tablets. We live in a digital world, one where analogic tools are being replaced with new technologies daily. One assumes the archaic fountain pen relegated to the obscurity of people’s junk drawer. But in reality, fountain pens for sale online were on the rise as late as 2017. Many online communities spawning to praise and talk of the writing utensils. That is because, despite the dawn of the digital age, still plenty to love for fountain pens.

A Historical Item

Writing with a fountain pen connects you to history and greatness. The experience of using one even if for a simple shopping list brings with it the atmosphere of the good old days when things weren’t so rushed.

It allows you to have the tactile experience shared by many great minds present and past, from Leonardo da Vinci to the US presidents of today, who still sign bills with a fountain. Samuel Pepys mentions a metal pen to carry ink in 1663, the first British fountain pens? Production of mass-produced nibs in the UK started in 1830 with more than half the world’s production by 1850.
Fountain Pen


These fine writing tools have been around for over one hundred and fifty years. Their design has evolved throughout its history, with new ideas arising to solve problems of old. That means that the best fountain pens today built on the groundwork of over a century of human mental labour. All focused on finding the best ink, parts, design, and alloy to use as components for a high-end fountain pen.

Even better, you can interact with that craftsmanship by just opening your pen. They are easy to disassemble, adjust, and parts exchangeable between sister pens, or bought from specialized shops. A learning curve, but if you’re willing to work, you’ll be able to turn even a cheap pen into the perfect writing gadget for your needs.

Lasting Quality

As expressed before, most of them well crafted, and they’ll last decades if taken care of correctly. Which not only makes them better for the environment but means they’re cost effective. Sure, there an upfront cost, but the money you don’t spend on disposable pens mounts.

They aren’t perfect though; you don’t have to tinker with then if that scares you. But if you want them to last, disassemble them for a proper cleaning every two months.

Ink Options

Inks sold by the cartridge or by the bottle, and they come in every colour you can imagine. If you’re tired of the old black and blue, you can write in the colour orange, green, pink, or any other. You can even get inks that are waterproof, glimmer, dry faster, or glow in darkness.

Smooth Writing

Fountain pens work by leading the ink to the tip of the nib through capillary forces, which naturally makes the ink flow up the narrow path. So, unlike ballpoint pens, they need no pressure to write. You only have to touch the tip to paper, and the ink will flow. These pens even help to improve poor handwriting.

Easy on the Body

As stated, these require no pressure to write, which makes them the ideal choice if you write for long periods of time and are looking for a way to reduce the stress writing leaves on your body. For that same reason, it’s reported as making writing easier for people who suffer joint pains.

Wide Price Range

If you’re thinking a fountain pen is a luxury item that will break your bank, don’t. Many luxury pens cost thousands of dollars, but a good pen doesn’t have to be expensive. There is a wide range of prices available, including nearly disposable Pilot pens that cost under five pounds.

If you’re looking for an entry-level pen, the Lami Safari costs around thirty pounds and often praised as the best cost pen out there. Even used by the pen pros when they don’t want to carry something expensive.

A modern fountain pen offers a wide choice with different materials and price points. Or custom pens in materials of your choice with a range of nibs by Bock or Jowo.

Great Community

Using a one is a choice, not an obligation. And the people who use them passionate, which is why the fountain pen network online so rich helpful. Look yourself, ask people which pen you should buy first. You’ll see how welcoming and excited people are in these circles.

Do you have the fountain pen love? Let me know your thoughts, maybe you prefer another implement.

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