Wood Letter Openers

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Letter Openers

Wooden letter openers may seem a thing of the past for some people. However, there are still a lot of businesses that get invoices and billing, and these are great for those people. If you have a business, you know that you can’t always just e-mail invoices and things such as legal documents and paperwork for appointments can overwhelm you. That’s why we offer unique letter openers in various styles of wood. These paper knives have a wonderful weight and ergonomic feel for those with a lot of letters to open. They will slice through an envelope with ease.

As with all our lovely gifts, these are handmade items. We use an old-fashioned lathe to turn each handle on, giving them their shape. We then finish the handles with Ca glue to protect the wood. This is a skill that has been fine-tuned for many years to make such high-quality products. If you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further. We have a huge collection for anyone on your list

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