Turquoise Hybrid Wooden Ballpoint Pen

Other Media With Wooden Crafts

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. Maybe in the New Year, you will want to try something different even inspired to do your own woodworking ideas. Lots of benefits of crafting or just the pleasure of making something with your own hands. [no_toc]

Other Materials

I love woodwork in all its forms, but sometimes dabble with other media. Trying to incorporate them into my crafts because it can raise things to new levels. Figured woods need nothing to detract from the natural beauty of the wood. Burr’s are used as accent pieces on furniture, because of prohibitive cost and stability. Burr’s can be made more affordable by using veneer for furniture or making boxes. This burr fountain pen is complimented by the pens chrome trim.

Thuya Fountain Pen
Turquoise Hybrid Ballpoint Pen

Although I would not use it on any segmented designs. The plain Cherry of this ballpoint pen made a little more eye-catching with additional turquoise resin. Other woodturners such as Sarah Thirlwell use coloured Perspex in new ways, while woodturners such as Andy Coates RPT use colours and artistic effects for some stunning work.

Box Designs

Wooden Wardrobe Jewellery Box

Jewellery boxes or any box can use many materials. Ridgeway Woodcraft has used stained glass on this jewellery box. Just plain glass and mirrors in this wardrobe style wooden box. Handcrafted by me with Sapele for a little contrast.

Turned Box With Cabouchon

Other things like this cabochon set into the top of this turned box are all ideas to play with. Mixed media such as Milliput, coloured resins all open new opportunities.

This Muninga box has an enamel on top of the copper insert. I have seen other designs on larger boxes with a leaf pattern etched by chemicals on to a copper plate. Other ideas and inspiration on this Pinterest page.

Muninga Box with Enamel on Copper Insert

Other Furniture

Follow your heart woodworking has some nice painted designs on table tops for something a little different. You could make a feature out of faults within the wood or make your own and fill with resin.

Waterfall Table

These are just a few ideas, some may even lead you astray from your wooden craft ideas or lead off down another rabbit hole.

Happy New Year

So, until next time Happy New Year and have fun exploring and playing with your wood designs.