Discover the Beauty of Wooden Fountain Pens
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Wooden Fountain Pens: Luxury Writing InstrumentsExpert craftsmanship and attention to detail make my handmade wooden fountain pens a joy to use. Every writing task will become a pleasure, as rich black ink pours forth from an elegant vessel to glide across the page. These are fine handwriting instruments for the discerning wordsmith. I have high quality fountain pens for sale in a variety of different styles, all beautifully designed for lovers of the written word. They’re handcrafted from exotic or temperate woods and enhanced with attractive chrome or gold-plated accents. Each pen is unique and of a superior artisan quality with the pen nib a medium point.

With their premium, high-class design, these luxury fountain pens are perfect for business professionals. When used in the office or in meetings, they’ll impress upon your clients the pride you take in your work? Hand crafted they also appeal to those enchanted by the quaint charm of letter-writing with a wooden pen. They feel good in the hand, offering a smooth, effortless writing experience while encouraging neatness. Make everyday note-taking that bit special and allow you to sign off greetings cards with a beautiful flourish.
Each exquisite pen set comes in a stylish black presentation box, creating a gift of distinction that writers, students and business people will treasure for all time. Reusable and refillable, they’re the ECO-friendly alternative to disposable plastic biros. Browse the collection and you will find a design you covet.

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