Green Pens
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Green Pens

Pens handmade in the UK are a rare treat, but it’s hard to find good green fountain or ballpoint pens. Whitlock-wooden-designs is a unique company that makes attractive handmade pens from sustainable sources. Ours come in various styles, but all of them are made from sustainable materials, including wood.

Pens are something we use every day in our offices, at school, even when we are just jotting down our grocery lists. While some of us may grab the first pen that comes to hand, others may plan to buy a new pen for a special occasion or buy pens for special people in their lives.

Whatever the case, if you are a fan of classic writing instruments, you’ll want to check out this collection.

When Do You Use Green?

Green is often used to mark up an article, speech, or presentation to edit, revise, or proofread. The colour is meant to call attention to the document’s changes. The colour green is used because it’s easy on the eyes and won’t distract the reader.

The short answer is yes; green ink is legal. Under UK law, only black, blue or red inks can mark ballot papers.

Don’t use a green pen for your writing. Green is for making edits, not writing. If you use it for handwriting, people will think you’re indecisive and that you can’t make up your mind. If you use a red pen for writing, people will think you’re too impulsive and emotional.

You have a lot of passions in your life—writing, drawing, and planning to name a few. So you’ll want an equally versatile pen.

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