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Premium Executive Pens - Explore Our Unique CollectionWhitlock Pen Designs is a small pen manufacturing company located in Northampton, UK. We design, manufacture and sell our own line of luxury executive ballpoint pens that come in a range of different styles and colours. These pens are available in different size of ballpoint and fountain pens handmadeto suit all tastes and preferences. Catering to pen enthusiasts all over the world!

We pride ourselves on crafting, beautiful executive wooden pens. We don’t use fancy modern technology, just old fashioned techniques practised by craftsmen for centuries. The pens we make are handmade from start to finish, which allows us to produce the parts quickly and easily. Allowing us to ensure they’re flawless before they are assembled.

Handcrafted from 100% natural wood chosen from species worldwide including the exotics. All pens are hand turned on a lathe and made from exotic or reclaimed Scotch whisky barrels. Some of the woods used are oak, burl, and walnut. Our business pens are ideal for corporate executives and our manufacturing process is very different from other pen manufacturers.

What is an executive pen?

Executive desk pens are high-quality fountain or rollerball’s that are designed to be used by CEOs and business professionals. They are made in the UK and have a very distinct look and feel to them.

Every fountain pen has a medium point nib as our standard, with an international ink cartridge and ink converter for bottled inks. Schmidt ink refills in the rollerball products line.

Perfect gifts for executives or to give as a thank you, unique for any occasion. We have been manufacturing quality pens since the early 2000s. These are extremely durable made out of wood. They are not cheap as a regular pen. These pens have a lifetime warranty and are known to last.

That’s right, everything is handmade! Taking pride in the fact that we are not mass producing pens and that each is a high-quality item that is is a fantastic gift idea. All products have a free delivery option at checkout.

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