How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

Well, I’m back with more to say about making segmented blanks. Since the last blog among all the other segmented pen work, I think two ballpoints stand out. The first segmented pen is a hybrid. Although it’s an easy segmented pen design it, needs a little effort in making it but so does anything worth doing right?

The plan was to make two of these one for stock and a pen gift commission. These pens in the photo both gone within the same week proving popular as unique gifts.

Prepping Pen Blanks
Prepping Pen Blanks

As with any segmenting, wood that has contrast such as maple or walnut is best. The acrylic and wood blanks are both chopped at 45 degrees either on the table saw using a sledge or on the bandsaw. It will help if both pieces are the same diameter, so I can drill the blank true.

Once cut it’s just a matter of glueing the blanks consecutively using either super glue or epoxy. Then when glued drill each blank as you normally would. Now proceed on the lathe and create using good and traditional tools best practice.

The First Hybrid Pen Nearly Finished
The First Hybrid Pen Nearly Finished

Turning the blank can cause problems with the various densities of acrylic and cherry. This ball point is popular enough I will explore the possibilities with other woods and acrylics. These hand crafted hybrid pens available in the pen shop complete with a pen box and the perfect gift for anyone who loves crafts.

A Different Pen

Segmented Wood Block
Segmented block

The second segmented pen is a proper segmented pattern with lots of planning and forethought. The segmented block uses five kinds of timber with various colours for the effect I was looking for.

Unique Wooden Pen With A Segmented Design

Segmented Knurled Pen

The strips were 5mm by 22mm the length is up to you and depending on how many times you will saw into the block for re-glueing. 22mm was the primary mistake I now think it better with a size of 26 or 28mm.

I lost too much material through planning and thickening; I was just able to create this pen it will work for a European but not a Sierra. The pen’s made from this block will each look different depending on the cut and grain orientation.

As there are no plans it’s just trial and error what works for you. I can get more pens from the block but will tweak the next one with the lessons learned. As said in the original blog you may not like something you created because it did not go the way you planned in your head.

Two Segmented Pen Blanks For The Price Of One

Two tone segmented wooden rollerball pen on stand

Once you have the 45-degree crosscut sledge from the first pen, more possibilities open. The sledge can make the Celtic knot segmented wood pen.

Affix two contrasting pen blanks with hot melt glue or wood adhesive with a paper joint. Mark the blank with marking lines for orientation. Divide the blank up into four sections then make the cuts. If done on the bandsaw, you may have to clean up on the disc sander but only lightly.

Break the joint and reassemble the parts, stick back together. Once finished you will have a positive and a negative you can use for a matching pen and pencil set.

Other Segmented Pen Designs

The whole segmented selection here or more articles on particular styles are below.

All these pens come with a presentation gift box, these and much more available along with the other woodworking crafts from the pen shop. Between now and my next update I plan to do some intarsia work so please subscribe to all the updates.

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