Rosewood Pens

These make great men’s gifts. Whether you or your man needs a nice quality Rosewood pen, you have found them. Rosewood pens add elegance to any desk, and they come with a nice gift box as well, in case you are looking for a unique and fun gift idea. Not sure you need just the pen?  We also offer a great pen and pencil set that are made to the custom specifications that only Whitlock Wooden Designs offers. These are all designs with beautiful grain throughout the pen and hand tuned on a woodturning lathe.  We do not use any advanced machinery in the making of these pens.

Here at Whitlock Wooden Designs, we are dedicated to quality. Our customers are not here looking for some cheap imitation wood. But they are here for the high quality and craftsmanship we put into each and every pen, razor handle or whatever the case may be that we sell. We are dedicated to our handicraft and have put hours upon hours into learning the craft and skill. Our designs are not something that can be duplicated or replicated as we have strict guidelines, we follow to ensure your pen is as beautiful if not better than what you expect. And, this shows with our Rosewood Pens. These Rosewood pens are beautiful by design and they are also functional. With refillable cartridges and options of a fountain design or regular ballpoint. The internals of the pens is top quality to ensure smooth writing on demand

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