6 (Unique) Purple Heart Gifts

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What does purple heart wood symbolize?

Purple heart is among the most expensive wood types. It is often used in modern-day pagan religious ceremonies and rituals. It is known for its spiritual qualities, including creative energy, knowledge, and assistance in healing.

People believe that it also eliminates negative energies and tension in the home. Many believe that purple heart brings good luck and positive vibes into their lives.

Does Purpleheart Wood Stay Purple?

Purpleheart wood is a beautiful dark purple colour, but it starts as a dirty brown when first cut. The wood changes colour on exposure to ultraviolet light. There are many tree species sold as purple heart, but not all hold the vibrant purple colouring.

Purpleheart wood is one of the hardest and most sturdy woods in the world. It is incredibly dense and resistant to decay, fungi, insects, and warping. Because of its natural qualities, purple heart is often used for furniture, flooring, decking, and high-end uses.

In addition to its functional properties, purple heart wood is spectacular in color. The deep purple hue is unique and captivating. There are many different name variations depending on where it’s grown.

All our gifts are handcrafted in Northampton by us at Whitlock Wooden Designs and do hold the color.

What Are Some Unique Purple Heart Gifts For The Special Someone In Your Life?

Purple heart gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular types is a writing pen. If you’re looking for a 5 year anniversary gift that your special someone can use every day, this is the perfect option.

This pen will look great sitting on their desk at work or next to their bedside cabinet. It’s a great way to show them that you’re thinking of them!

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