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Blue Pens

Do you favour blue? Our blue writing implements will blow you away with the feel of quality they possess. The depth of the colours is astounding and, just because we call them blue ballpoint pens don’t mean that the ink is. Our pens come with black refillable ink and more available in the pen’s spares section. These pens are handcrafted right here in the UK in our very own shop. The process is long, however, the end product is stunning, and we wouldn’t have it any less. We then hand polish each blue ball point pen to the perfect gloss. Our unique designs make amazing gifts and come with a nice gift box of quality you would only expect from Whitlock Wooden Designs.

We offer a quality pen that you can feel as soon as it’s in your hand. Getting the right balance and weight in the pen is something the handcrafted process is great for. Get a unique gift for him or her today. And, we have other small trinkets of desire, should a pen not be suitable.

We can offer perfume applicators as well. These are all handcrafted with our very own lathe and made to tight tolerances which ensure proper fitting of all the components that will last for years. And, we have all these amazing things in various colours as well. You can find them in white, pink as well as blue on our site. Take a peek around and we are sure you’ll find something amazing.