Pen And Pencil Sets

Petrache Poenaru might have invented the first fountain pen way back in 1827, but that was a simple one deemed to be one of the greatest inventions up to date. For not even a moment he would have considered how his invention along with John J. Loud ballpoint in 1888 would become such an important contribution to our modern world. Writing implements in today’s world are not just used for filling books and journals but are also a source of happiness for both him or her.

Your man will always be satisfied and feel proud by holding an elegant design, smooth and comfortable either gold or chrome plated. There is a variety of pen and pencil sets that are specially handmade to fit in. They include gift pen sets comprising those which can be both used as wedding gifts and for own personal use.

Our collection includes, turquoise designer ballpoint set, Elm rollerball pen pencil and the ever so elegant Yew fountain pencil pairing which is the most comfortable of them all. Others include handmade ballpoints of different colours and also our special Santos Rosewood set, a mouthwatering sight for any man or woman who likes exotic.

Imagine a man suddenly realizing how smooth the surface of his instrument is or how classy the wooden piece he is holding. Women might feel the same thing. A wooden pen set might just fire the same effect. In putting a smile on a person’s face, we are well prepared.