Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

We get it, some people are born to bargain hunt, and that’s exactly why we have a sale area set up just for you.  These sale items will soon be gone, as there are usually not that many left in stock. This is where you’ll find our discontinued options and models and various woods we have tried and just were not impressed with or weren’t great sellers. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot find the best gifts ever in our sales area! 

These are more unique than the ones in the store. Since these are the products we could have made once and decided we didn’t like them. Or the colours didn’t come out as planned.  For whatever reason, they have landed in the sale area.

Be sure to check back often, as the sale area is a revolving area that changes up a lot. We like to keep our site up to date with what materials we have in stock and what are our hottest sellers. All our sale items still come packaged nicely as you would expect from our shop.  We are proud to offer the same great customer service and shipping on all our sale items.

On sale now these deals won’t be around long. We don’t do many sales so snap up a bargain while you can with these online deals. These handmade gifts, handcrafted in our own workshops for our own gift shop in Northamptonshire UK.

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