Acrylic Cocktail Pens

Handmade Pens Offer More Variety

These handmade pens offer far more variety in both style and materials than the mass-produced fare from the big boys. The artisan can quickly make one-off pens or small batches with unique materials. [no_toc]

Slimline Design Handmade Pens

The slimline pens that most pen turners make are adaptable to different styles and designs. Although not the best pen to learn on with the two-piece design and variable tolerance hardware. Because of the design of the slimline pen, it can be fat or thin such as these four pens above. The white pen on the extreme right is Corian and at only 12mm thick it can only be a thin pen. The pen next to it made with lignum vitae and a dark green/brown. The two on the left lacewood and the preferred choice of shape for the slimline. The shape compliments the pen better, but the craftsperson can shape these as he wants on the lathe.

Lacewood Pen On The Lathe

The pen above has metal bushings between the wood for sizing the parts that come in contact with the pens metal components. This is the time to decide on fat or thin pen design. As long as the design flows through the pen and matches up to the metal trim these pens come in many shapes.

Wood Choices

Two Lacewood Pens

The pen on the left lacewood from London Plane. Lacewood occurs when the wood is quarter-sawn because of the figure of the wood. I made the pen on the right with wood from a different supplier. A look on the lists this as possibly leopard wood or silky oak but does not mention London plane. They look close in the figure and both are lovely pens. More Slimline’s in the pen shop.

Acrylic Cocktail Pens

Frozen Cocktail Pens

Frozen cocktail drinks (pens in the main photo) inspire this colourful style of acrylic pen. The resin is also usable for other things than just these types of pens. The shapes of all pens hand turned as the turner wants but this is the preferred choice for this style of a pen. With so many colours and things to put in the resin that craftsmen can match and surpass the mass-produced. The top pen is a rollerball and the bottom two are from the European range.

As with the Aphrodite fountain pen made with a handmade casting with a florists mini pine cones cast into the resin. These beautiful pens and much more are available in the pen shop.