Candy Coloured Fountain Pen


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A candy coloured fountain pen hand turned on a lathe in my own UK workshops. With the multi coloured pen barrels handcrafted from an acrylic resin that looks like a colourful bag of sweets. See more of our top ten fountain pens in this video.

This fountain pen has a high-quality black trim with chrome details and non-posted cap, a medium point nib. The handmade fountain pen comes ready to use with one ink cartridge.

Many people say fountain pens are the best fine writing instruments. With this handmade fountain pen, you will have an eye-catching pen perfect for smooth writing.

The multi coloured pen blank needs cutting to size for the pen and then drilled with an appropriately sized hole. This then gets mounted on my lathe and turned and shaped to round. Acrylic resin blanks are hard and sometimes difficult material to work with so lots of Turners avoid them. The resin then needs sanding from 120 grit through to 12000 grit for a high gloss finish.

Every fountain pen gift comes in a presentation box as standard. With all these multi coloured pens being unique they make unique handmade gifts for Mother’s Day or Birthdays.

Key Points For This Handmade Fountain Pen

  • Non-Posted Cap
  • Medium Nib
  • Ink Cartridge
  • Length Capped 139 mm
  • Weight 43 g
  • Pen Gift Box
  • Handcrafted In The UK


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