Turquoise Pens

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A luxurious pen is a gift that will be treasured for years. Be it for a business associate, or to commemorate the birth of a baby, nothing shows appreciation better than a well-made, hand-turned pen. Our turquoise pens are not only stunning in appearance but feel utterly comfortable in the hand and offer an unrivalled writing experience.

They all are high quality that will last a lifetime. We love making them because we know that everyone who buys one, will treasure it for life! Each one handmade by us starts off as a solid block of colourful turquoise resin before it’s spun and worked on a lathe.

Whether it’s for your child’s teacher, your spouse, or your business colleague, you can’t go wrong with giving a turquoise gift that’s practical and useful. Our Turquoise ballpoint pens provide that with a twist!

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