Free Postage On All Writing Implements Over £60.00 Across United Kingdom

Is purple your color? Or maybe the person you are looking for loves purple. We have put all of our popular items together as it seems a popular choice. Here you will find everything offered with ease.

All products are hand made from resin or wood right here in our UK Wood shop and shipped throughout the country. These make perfect gifts meant to last a lifetime. All pens are refillable for repeated daily use. I mean these products to be used and have a fine finish that will protect them from the oils in our hands.

Our pens are perfect for people that have to sign contracts or checks often as they are heavier weight. Each handcrafted and unique to itself. These are done individually by hand, which makes them one of a kind. I finish each purple pen with beautiful chrome accents that make the colour stand out. Beautiful designs come in both ball roller style or fountain style for better selection.

Our writing implements come in a unique, beautiful gift box perfect for gift giving. We not only offer purple pens, but we also have other options such as refillable perfume atomizer and razor handles as well to choose from. We are certain that you will find the perfect gift that will wow the gift receiver.

As we have some pretty unique items to choose from including a Whiskey Barrel pen that comes with its very own certificate of authenticity. If purple isn’t your desire, but you like the look of our products, look around and see all we have to choose from. Our selection is always changing, so stop back from time to time and see what we have been up doing!



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