Stunning Cute Pink Pens

These ink pens make a good gift for the girly girl in your life. Getting a great pen can really make one’s day, especially if they are in a career that might use pens daily. Pink is also a symbol of breast cancer awareness and one of these could be taken as that. Giving it as a gift to a survivor as a small gesture of kindness.

Made With Passion

Here at Whitlock Wooden Designs, we offer an extensive selection of amazing ball point pens to write with. The weight and smooth ink flow of these pens are amazing. Everything handcrafted in our workshop in the UK. Making them the perfect handmade gift for her.

This is a labour-intensive process that done with love. We start with a resin base and turn the barrel on our in-house lathe making unique pens. And, we have other unique gift sets, like the ballpoint set with a refillable perfume pen. Each piece is handmade with precision right here on site. We then will polish the piece to give it that amazing shine.

We deliver all our pens in a nice gift box with various ribbon colours to make the gift more special. So, if you are looking for the perfect unique gift for her, try a handmade pink pens. Or look around and discover many other amazing fun pink gift ideas.