Custom Mach 3 Razor Handles
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Custom Mach 3 Razor Handles

What better way to shave than with a customer razor designed and produced right here in the UK. Whitlock Wooden Designs offers a unique gift idea as a custom Gillette Mach 3 Razor handle. Produced locally by a local artist. And enjoy your razor, knowing you are supporting local artists as a bonus with the purchase. The Mach3 razor is one of the best razors out there, but we felt it needed a better handle. This handle will accept Gillette Venus and Mach3 blades that are readily available at many shops or online. This makes it quick and convenient to find refills.

These wood Mach 3 razor handles are truly a unique gift and offer a wonderful shaving experience. They are great for the men that enjoy the close shave that a Mach 3 can give. Our handmade razor handles only enhance a great shaving product. The Mach 3 offers a close shave with the 3-blade design and lubrication strip that glides over the skin to offer great protection.

If you or your man is looking for a different design handle for the Mach 3 razor, you have found the solution. Shaving doesn’t have to be boring. Leave the Mach 3 razor out on the counter, it’s okay, as it looks amazing with this handmade razor handle design. Display it as it should be, a work of art that has been handcrafted into a great razor handle.

These make a great gift for any man.

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