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Luxury Rollerball Pens

Come home to the world’s finest collection of unique and creative handcrafted wooden rollerball pens, designed to suit your exquisite taste in life. All pens featured in this category are proof of our expert craftsmanship and passion for creating the most stylish and contemporary wooden rollerball pens.

Each of these intricately crafted items is created out of our sheer love for handmade rollerball pens. Whether it’s a classic looking pen with a streamlined shape or a contemporary design featuring bold patterns, all pens offer something unique to captivate everyone’s attention.

Apart from the fact that the bodies of all pens are crafted out of exotic woods, every model guarantees a consistent ink flow to deliver an effortless writing experience similar to that of a fountain pen.

Hand-crafted to perfection, the models assure a brilliant writing performance with a comfortable grip. Witness the use of bold and neutral colour tones to create the perfect blend of shades that warm up your soul.

Our wooden rollerball pens are unique because of the various types of wood we use to hand-tune each of our creations. Resins, antler and other materials are used to create stunning and durable models. The collection presents a perfect marriage of ergonomics and aesthetics to satisfy even the most demanding writers.

If you ever wanted a handmade wooden roller ball pen exclusively created to match your style, you have come to the right place. Now you can choose from a wide collection of luxury rollerball pens crafted from the woods of Africa to Asia and the United States. Uniquely engraved inserts guarantee a striking design that is sure to impress everyone.

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