Novelty Pens

Our novelty pens are just that, pens that have fun and flare to them. We have this amazing talent for the lathe, why not incorporate that with a little fun and whimsical style? 

These pens offer unique looks to our hand turned barrels and have some unique materials. For example, I make our steampunk pens from resin that has the watch components and cogs embedded into the resin itself.  I do this right here embedding at the shop, to make the raw material for these amazing pens. Since this is a complete hand done process, each pen will be unique to its own. However, each one finished with amazing chrome accents and details.

Besides the steampunk pens, we offer other novelty pen designs. These different and unique novelty pen designs include dragon designs. These pens have dragon clips and accent points around them. These are a fun design that has a screw on top. 

As with all our pens, each one meant to last a lifetime and refillable.  There are stamp pens, pasta pens, real playing card pens and even a pen made from an original whiskey barrel.

Whitlock Wooden Designs pride ourselves on offering high-end unique gifts that are handcrafted right here in the UK.  If your not interested in our pens as gifts, look around! We have all kinds of unique and fun gift ideas for both him and her to choose from.  Our product line is not only pens, but we offer other unique ideas.